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by | May 27, 2020 | Self-discovery

How often have you looked at the evil of this world and thought or said “how is this possible”? How can a man act this way towards another man?

Well, according to Kabbalah, a human being consists of light (our soul, our divine element) – this part is to generate good and share it with the world. The second part is the so-called “vessel” (our body and ego). The vessel wants to be filled – that is, to receive, to keep good for itself. Of course, I do not mean here a healthy balance – to share good (light) we must have it in ourselves first – in this case it is about the initial motivation – why do you do it?

  1. for the sake of oneself and others and pure pleasure of sharing.
  2. for your good and the will to own by yourself.

Some time ago I wrote about the first three energy centers in the human body (more can be found here).

It represents our animal nature: reproduction, food, and defence/fight for territory. This instinct is in us and there is no point in denying it, we all saw it best in the first days of the pandemic outbreak. Who was buying for himself and who was sharing with others?

There is nothing wrong with enjoying sex, food, and ambition. The problem begins when all our energy is concentrated only in this region. So, we abuse sexual energy instead of creating, we eat emotions or fight for position, we are in constant stress and race, anger, fight, or sadness.

The secret is not to release this energy only in a chemical way, but to send it higher to other energy centers – your heart (you feel love) your throat (you express love), pineal gland (to broaden your perspective), pituitary gland (to create balance), KA chakra (connecting to space).

What is a prana tube?

Prana – breathing, life force – the channel of connection of all energy centers. Imagine swallowing a glowing Star Wars sword that extends from the brain to the base of the spine. When all is glowing, we connect with our soul, the nature of love, and the desire to share. When only the bottom part is lit – we are in the survival instinct, where we fight with each other and hurt each other.

If you want to change the world and your life – do not judge or wait for others. Focus attention and energy within yourself. Take 15 minutes of your time to consciously feel the heart, its coherence, and meditate. It’s best in the morning before the whole outside world reminds you of your predator nature.

Even scientists have confirmed that it is not things but the way they are perceived that creates our reality. Make sure you look at the world through the prism of your heart.


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