About me

For each of us, at any given moment, there are two potential life paths.

On one we move away from ourselves, while on the other we discover who we can truly become.

Very often we have to get lost in order to truly find ourselves.

ewa2 About me

In my first life, I was longing for love. I did not know how to express my sensitivity. I was my own harshest critic. I constantly blamed myself for my feelings. I did not love myself; moreover, I did not know myself at all. Intuition accompanied me even then, but I rarely talked to it, I preferred control, it seemed safer

Living life in this style was a constant struggle, conquering, proving, full of ups and downs…. completely exhausting. And that’s exactly what happened in my case: the body began to get sick, the mind became foggy and the heart became broken.

That’s when my journey began – the search for the meaning of it all and my true self.

Who is Eve? At the beginning of my journey, I struggled to understand how to trust and let go. It was hard to do when I didn’t understand what was happening to me and feared for my future. The path to discovering who I am was through recognizing everything that did not define me and everything that prevented me from accepting and receiving in life. It was a journey of understanding.

Throughout this journey, I explored various fields of knowledge, earning certifications in numerology, Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), bioenergy therapy (CECH/EuroPass), total biology (Recall Healing certification), heart coherence (HeartMath Institute, USA), Modern Energy Tapping, meditation, and hypnotherapy practices. However, my biggest breakthrough came from discovering and exploring the wisdom of Kabbalah. For over 4,000 years, Kabbalists have been teaching us how to lead a life of abundance and fulfillment through an understanding of life and the laws of the Universe. Only with this perspective can we truly trust and open ourselves to a new life.

ewa3 scaled About me

In this life, I no longer ask who Eve is, I ask who else she can become and how she can share this potential with others.

All my experiences are now my biggest wisdom and expertise, based on which I inspire others to discover with courage the best version of their lives. 

Are you ready to have it all?

Let’s be open to all the possibilities that life may offer.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about my mentoring, please feel free to contact me.