About me

 For as long as I can remember my heart spoke to me, warned me and advised me. I was not ready to follow its voice until I hadn’t reached the turning point of my life. My body was sick and I felt unexplained sadness and longing. In a relationship, there was as much love as fight and blame. At my workplace chasing numbers replaced empathy and creativity. I have walked the path from inspiring and dedicated to tired angry and disengaged. Intuitively I felt that the only way to transform this experience is a self- discovery and living my truth. Through the release and understanding of emotions and patterns in my subconscious thanks to numerological harmonisation, SRT spiritual response therapy and Kabbalistic wisdom I not only found a door to my answers but I opened them by myself from inside. I harmonized my body, heart, and mind. With a full understanding of their true power my perspective changed, transforming my life experience into my expertise. From feeling tired and disengaged I shift into healthy, happy and running my own business.

On the map of my life, the heart is the only compass and the body is a guide. My mind is my best friend supporting me on this journey.

Connecting the dots and building a bridge between business and the metaphysical world.

In retrospection, moving abroad, traveling, and working in marketing have strengthened my communication talent in many languages. It taught me to managed uncertainty without fear. The experience I gained allowed me to go more gently into another chapter of my life, opening up to new and unknown.

The metaphysical world gave me the confidence to walk the path of my heart. I bravely reach for what is mine, without regret, I let go of what does not serve me anymore. I see challenges, lessons, and risks as waves. I do not resist their strength, I just surf on them. I learned how to navigate from a heart perspective, strength the body, and operate mind at its highest capacity. I am using this knowledge together with my past work experience to help managers to transform their leadership and re-humanize business.

Working with individuals I am not doing the job for anybody, neither trying to be a teacher. Change it’s not an event, it’s a process. The way through is not to read and think but to experience it.

My mission is to give you the knowledge about yourself to help you transform your life experiences into your greatest expertise.

Because when you know better you choose better.

I am a certified numerologist, spiritual trainer based on SRT Spiritual Response Therapy and Bioenergo Therapist (EuroPass)As one of the few I have and link knowledge in many areas of numerology: Pythagorean, present tense, karmic and Kabbalah. I combine it with the technique of heart coherence (certified by HeartMath Institute US), cards, total biology (certified by Recall Healing) and Kabbalistic wisdom. But mostly it’s my life story which has been my best teacher and greatest source of know-how. This is a reason why I let my heart and intuition to guide me during my work.
I am fluent in Polish, English, and German.

If you feel that working with me can help you or have any questions – write to me.