Numerologiczna 9

Numerological 9

by | Oct 26, 2020 | Life Path Numbers, Numerology

Planet Pluto

Symbol The benefactor

Animal – horse


  • visionary
  • universal love
  • willingness to spread good
  • shares with no agenda
  • tolerance
  • altruism
  • love of nature
  • world citizen
  • spiritual values ​​over material
  • confidence


  • no grounding
  • lack of authority
  • volatility, instability
  • the end justifies the means (for the good of the general public I will sacrifice the individual)
  • excessive need for freedom
  • impatience
  • unsuccessful love relationships
  • brutal honesty

Lesson: there is no separation and choice between the spiritual and material world, one is the manifestation of the other. Freedom is not meant to deprive love – I can feel free in relationships.

Diseases: accidents



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