Frequently Asked Questions


1. Which data is needed to prepare a numerological portrait and/or harmonization?
  • first name or names
  • confirmation name
  • family name
  • any other name for example after marriage if it has been entered in the documents
  • date of birth
  • official and private signatures


  • Ewa Maria (baptism) Agata (confirmation) Jozefowicz (maiden name) (Kowalska after my husband)
  • 10/21/1982
  • Signatures
    • Official –  Ewa Jozefowicz, Jozefowicz
    • Private –  Ewa, Ewunia
2. Which data is required to prepare a numerical analysis of the relationship?

For partner analysis, please provide all information as in the example from question no. 1 for both of the partners, enhanced with the date of marriage or date of commencement of the relationship. If the couple has children, the dates of their birth are needed as well.

3. Can harmonization be performed immediately or should a numerological portrait analysis session take place first?

Your first step can be already harmonization because the session also includes the analysis of a numerological portrait. When you decide to harmonize immediately, you also pay less than if you performed two separate sessions.

4. What is the main difference between a numerological portrait session and harmonization?

The analysis of the numerological portrait explains cause and effect, indicating potentials, blockades, lessons, while here we do not change this state of affairs. Harmonization, on the other hand, is a transforming tool, deficiencies are filled, blockades removed, and replaced with coherent energy following the soul’s plan.

5. How do you know that the change chosen for harmonization is the best for me?

Many numerologists, unfortunately, work out of their minds choosing the energy and numerological combinations they think are appropriate. I do not support such work because I believe that nobody knows what is best for another person. We always see the world through our filters and programs. Therefore, harmonizing the portrait I stay connected to your energy channel, where your higher intelligence (intuition, heart, soul) chooses the most consistent solutions for you, which is being communicated to me.

6. Do new energy work immediately at 100% after harmonization?

No. Why? Imagine that 3 energies affect you, one of them is in your heart, it influences how you feel and how you perceive the world. The other is responsible for your communication and how others perceive you. The third is the goal that your subconscious aspires to – which often has little to do with what you consciously desire.

This whole system affects your energy body, which in turn communicates with your physical body through emotions, and that’s how thoughts and feelings arise.

Many programs are also associated with the current energy system.

The harmonization process is slowly changing these systems – the new combination displaces the old one, which, when released, passes through our body. Now imagine that the change would occur from zero to 100% and what would have to be released at once.

That is why for the first 4 months we are able to adopt from 50-75% of the new system and reach 100% within a year. Hence, I recommend the STAR package for extra support in this process.

7. Can I have SRT session after harmonization?

Yes. If you do not use the STAR package, I strongly recommend at least 1 SRT session about 4 to 6 weeks after harmonization. Then we remove inconsistent programs and emotions attached to them, which manifest themselves during the transformation of old-new systems. It speeds up the entire transformation process.

8. What differentiate you from other numerologists?

First of all, I don’t choose my clients, but they choose me. Trust your intuition, if it leads you to me, you know best.

I see the set of numbers as a perfect matrix in which each element has its own sense, each challenge is a gift, each obstacle is an opportunity. I do not conduct the session in an informative way by presenting dry facts. I explain the cause and effect in order to transform and always with a positive accent because nothing in our life and destiny is a foregone conclusion. We have the driving force and can correct our karma and challenges.

I’m here to tell you how and put a new light on what appears to be darkness. Therefore, when you know better you chose better.

When it comes to competences, I don’t work out of my head but through your energy channel. To make a portrait, I use 4 and not 1 numerology system

    • Pythagorean numerology
    • Karmic numerology
    • Kabbalistic numerology
    • a diamond of life
    • Kabbalistic astrology

In addition, I am using cards, knowledge of Kabbalah, quantum physics, total biology, heart coherence, and more during the session.

If you haven’t found the answer to your question, please write to me