top 3 mistakes every manager should avoid

3 leadership mistakes that you should avoid

by | Apr 4, 2023 | Business life

  • 1. Separating private and business life

I am pretty sure you are shaking your head while reading it, so let me explain what I mean by that. It’s not about spending your day at the office calling your family members or using your private stories to justify poor performance. However, nowadays we truly believe that we should be different people entering a workspace, even though we can’t separate the two. As you will not be at your best at work while having family issues, you will neither leave the office stress at the home door. We are humans, and we should be human managers. You see we all have an electromagnetic field that is produced by our heart and can be detected up to 3 feet from the body. This field is carrying information about your emotional state. So, imagine you have family problems and you are stressed, worried, and tired. This is what is in your electromagnetic field. This is what people near you are entering and subconsciously feeling. So, it doesn’t matter what kind of elevating speech you will try to give to your team, people will feel awkward. Why? Because they may see you smiling, they may hear you are motivated but they will feel they don’t believe it. It will create a distance. In this case, it’s much better first to reset your nervous system with selected breathing techniques and share a few personal facts afterward. An example could look like “I apologize I can’t be at 100% today due to some family matter, so in this special time I am even more than ever counting on you guys”. This makes you human, it creating a reliable image of you and a bond between you and the team. Remember only in safe and trusted space people can perform their highest creativity. You can be professional and vulnerable at the same time. 

  • 2. Avoiding risk 

Do you know what is the most popular answer to the question “What kind of life would you like to live?”. Stable. People love stability; however, life is everything but not that. Life is a constant change and movement. Trying to live stable we avoid risk at the same time. And here the problem starts. Innovation and creativity coexist with risk. Risk means something is not fully predictable, it’s in a space of unknown – and only from there something new can come. Our mind, which is a master of execution is like a bibliotheca, a collection of all life experiences. Saying differently our mind is past and can only imagine something that is known. Depending on the innovation scale of your business you need to accept that taking risks and tapping into the unknown may be your regular practice. 

  • 3. Saying YES only if it pays off

Of course, business is about profit. However, it is a mistake to measure all your business decisions on pay-off criteria. Sometimes what pays off is not worth and something worthy may not pay off immediately. In fact, it has to do with the source of the idea. If the idea is logical, it’s analytical, it is coming from your mind. As explained in point number 2 -everything that comes from your head is already known. So yes, it can be easy to measure if it pays off or not. Looking for innovation is using your heart, which is your intuition. This may be difficult to scale but can be really worth going after. I am sure that none of us would use iPhones and iPad if Steve Jobs would follow the safe “paying off” path.  

Find a room in your business for intuitive moves, where you can’t yet explain how and why but you feel it’s going to be worthy.


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