Heart coherence more effective than botox

Heart coherence more effective than botox?

by | Mar 7, 2020 | Business life, Life journey, Self-discovery

Recently, I have received many compliments regarding my skin condition,  sparkling eyes, vitality, in short: I look better, younger and healthier than ever.

My secret is not a set of vitamins, new creams or botox. What’s more, the current time is very demanding for me, but despite working 7 days a week, I feel rested and grateful. All this is due to living in harmony with my own truth and the daily practice of heart coherence.

If you think these are empty promises, let me give you some facts:

  1. the heart generates an electromagnetic field of 3.5 meters, hence if you surround yourself with negative people and are in a stressful job – this is how it affects you. While we can’t always choose our surroundings, we can always strengthen our own field so that the energy of others does not penetrate us.
  2. 5 minutes in a state of coherence http://turnerschaft1872krefeld.de/nl-lng/bafurokisaru/index.html , i.e. harmonious communication between the heart and the brain, increases the love hormone (oxytocin) and DHEA (youth and vitality) – reason for my sparkling eyes and good skin condition.
  3. 5 minutes in a state of coherence raises markers of the immune system for a period of 6 hours – hence my vitality despite a large number of duties.


Does anyone else have any doubts that it’s worth it?


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