4 tips to make tough decisions faster (and not regret them later)

4 tips to make tough decisions faster (and not regret them later).

by | May 24, 2021 | Life journey

The most common blockage in the decision process is not a lack of knowing what we want. What keeps us in place is looking ahead and trying to answer all the “how” and “when”.
Let me give you my real-life example to continue with this concept. When I spontaneously said during one of the live events that I am going to record videos 40 days in a row and create the challenge “Stop settling for just anything”, indeed I had no plan.
A few minutes after this publication, my head began to look ahead, questions arose:

  • Where will I get ideas and content for 40 movies?
  • What am I going to talk about?
  • You do not know your travel agenda, what if you go place with no internet?
  • Maybe it’s better to cancel?

I could mention ten other similar examples. Interestingly, I had no answers to any of these questions and everything worked out.
Because it is worth understanding the simple laws of the Universe and limiting beliefs that are blocking us.

1. Fear, doubts, and resistance will pass one day

I must disappoint you – it will never happen. We believe that if we wait or think over the next scenario and plan B, we will finally feel ready. However, in this process, the key is to trust, and only at the moment of taking the first step the fear and uncertainty slowly dissolve. Of course, I’m not saying it is not worth to have a plan, but not for the whole process. Create it for this 1st step. Just like with me – I didn’t know what I would be talking about for 40 days, but every day I was inspired by something and filmed one video. If I had waited for 40 ideas at one shot, the challenge would never have happened. Until you open up, nothing will come. This is an illusion and a real test at the same time.

2. Your heart and mind are your tools – use them wisely

Yes, I know I keep talking about it, but despite the clarity of these rules, we still get lost when stress or anxiety takes over.
The heart is your advisor – you intuitively feel what you want, what is yours: the heart gives short impulses, it does not give a plan. You just feel like you’re burned out at work, and that’s not it anymore. A given person attracts you, intrigues you, you feel good with him/her.
The problem arises when you throw signals from your heart into your head and want it to be your second counselor. The mind itself is made up of two cerebral hemispheres and each of them is different, suddenly you get 2 different scenarios that, upon closer examination, create another 4 and then 10. You get lost in a maze of potential options, all of which may or may not be true. Life cannot be lived in theory. Therefore, the head is not an advisor but a subcontractor of the project. Do you feel that your current job does not give you satisfaction? Don’t ask your head if you are sure, ask how, when and what needs to be done to make the first step into the unknown. In this case, it may be a matter of saving on your account so that you can allow yourself a sabbatical year. . Note, when fear and doubt appear, go back to the first point.

3. You won’t win by trying to avoid mistakes

If you look at successful people, they have one thing in common – risk and the ability to turn failure into lessons. If Steve Jobs hadn’t been fired from Apple, the iPhone would never have been designed. Sylvester Stallone has passed hundreds of castings and each of them ended with a rejection. If he had given up, we wouldn’t have Rocky. The Universe tests our commitment – how strong is your desire? If you give up the first time you stumble, the answer is simple. In addition, mistakes are a chance to develop the qualities that we need exactly to fulfill our desires. If you dream of a thriving business, being open to risk and operating in stressful situations is one of them. Perhaps you want to start a family and feel like you’ve been waiting a long time? Isn’t patience essential in motherhood?
What is a mistake is an opportunity, any attempt to bypass will sabotage your success. In fact, the only way to lose is by not taking a risk and trying. Opportunity is now and here or nowhere.

4. Change is a process, not a single event.

The perfect synchronization of the Universe is based on the fact that, like in a domino effect, one block pushes the other. One step leads to another. Don’t try to jump over anything or run forward.
Imagine that you are sitting in an electrical car and you want to drive 100miles, but your battery has energy for only one. If you try to figure out how to use this energy and drive there, you will never get anywhere. It’s amazing that exactly after driving the first mile a station appears, where you can recharge the battery for another mile. And so, slowly, mile by mile, you reach your destination. What seemed impossible from the point of view of the starting mile is accomplished during the journey.
It is the same in life, open up for the new and with confidence take the first step. Only from this position, another idea or solution will come to you. Passing every test, you will acquire and developed strength that opens you to the next stage. All this can only happen when you set the machine in motion – you have to push the first block, drive the first mile.

It’s never a question of “how”, the Universe is waiting for a simple ‘yes’ and your first step


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