The STAR package

If our life is like a movie, is it not worth being both a director and playing a leading role in it?

The STAR package will help you stand on the red carpet of the premiere of your new YOU.


To experience the new dream future you need to change at all levels:

  1. Mind (consciousness and subconsciousness) – I think
  2. Body (physical and energetic) – I do, I feel
  3. Heart (coherence) – I am.

STAR is a holistic combination of work tools at all levels:

To understand more, please go to the methodology tab – the STAR package includes all the stages described there.

Values of the program

Choosing the STAR package you will start to build a happy life regardless of external conditions and circumstances. As a result, the inner sense of lightness, coherence, and abundance will be reflected in your health, relationships, or financial resources, but it will no longer be part of the pursuit of happiness. You will become the magnet that attracts all this.


For new thoughts and feelings to become a habit, we need to repeat them for about 100 days, the STAR package will provide you with additional 6-month care to support you in the full period of transformation.

pakiet star 1 The STAR package

What does the STAR package contain?preparation of a numerological portrait and its harmonization

  1. first session – description of your potentiallessonschallenges and transformational change of energy to access the maximum of your abilities and talents (time 90minutes)
  2. second session – identification of subconscious programs via SRT (current life, ancestral programs, programs from previous incarnations), harmonization of the heartmind and body through heart coherence and MET. The new energy combinations are throwing to the surface  programs and beliefs that are no longer consistent with the new You. These programs needs be recognised, unlocked and cleaned. Full synthesis at the energy level, subconscious and conscious. (90 minutes).
  3. third session – continuation as during session 2 (90 minutes).
  4. fourth session – continuation as during session 3 (90 minutes).
  5. my support throughout the whole process.

Sessions are held at intervals of about 4 – 6 weeks. Price for STAR package is 986euro instead 1375euro, there is possibility to pay by instalments.

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