STAR package

Introducing the STAR package – it’s time to become the star of your life.
six-month mentoring program is tailored to meet your specific needs and help you achieve spectacular results in your personal and professional life.

Twój los nie jest przesądzony, Twoje życie ma pewien plan, ale kropkę nad „i” stawiasz TY.

Did you know that everything you desire in love, business, and health has already been given to you?
You might be wondering why you don’t have it yet. However, you may be forgetting that receiving is on the other side of giving. Many methods that you find focus on the “how” – how to succeed, how to attract, how to make things happen.
But this approach is flawed. Chasing the “how” won’t yield results until you discover what is blocking you from receiving, keeping, and enjoying what you want. It’s like knowing how to order coffee and asking for more, without having a cup.

The key to discovering your true self lies in acknowledging everything that has never been you. This process starts with understanding, which is essential to embrace trust and accept other perspectives of your life. As you embark on this journey, you will experience life that you never thought was possible.



    • No matter what actions you take, you find yourself stuck in the same place, going around in circles.
    • You want to make changes in your life, but you’re not sure what’s missing or you’re afraid of the consequences.
    • You feel safe when you’re in control, but at the same time, you’re tired of it.
    • You want to trust and open yourself up to new experiences, but you don’t know how.
    • Do you feel sad, anxious or frustrated at times?
    • You wish to bring together the different versions of yourself that are constantly in conflict. When you try to please one of them, another one gets upset or you feel guilty.
    • You’re afraid of rejection or failure, and you don’t experience joy in everyday life.
    • Alternatively, you may not face any of these challenges, but you feel like there’s more to life and the next level of your destiny is waiting for you, even though it’s scary, you know its your time and you deserve more.




      • I will help you understand why you feel the way you do, and the lessons that life’s difficulties and challenges teach us.

      • Together, we will identify and resolve the hidden blockages in your subconscious mind that have prevented you from making lasting changes.

      • We will work on defense mechanisms that may have helped you survive but also limited the joy and lightness in your life. We will identify limiting beliefs that prevent you from receiving  blessings in your life.

      • Our goal is to break through your personal glass ceiling and help you reach the next level of your potential.

      • We will expand your abilities to receive, and help you maintain stability and flow in your life.

        Throughout the process, we will support your nervous system and integrate the changes that will occur at the level of your body, mind, energy and life. As you proceed, you will be amazed at how much joy and fulfillment you can experience, surpassing even your wildest dreams.

      Ewa Józefowicz

      What does the STAR package include? 

      The STAR package includes: 

      5 sessions lasting 90 minutes each, held every 4-6 weeks. 

      Ability to contact me via a dedicated app (chat and voice messages).


          One-time payment is 2626euro, (which saves 299euro)

          Alternatively, it is possible to spread the payment over 5 installments of 585euro each.

          A contract has been drafted for the STAR package, which is widely accepted by HR departments. You may want to check with your company to see if they can fund it.
          However, if you require a more customized solution, please feel free to contact me via email. We can create a tailored package that suits your specific needs.