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Rethink how you think

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Life journey, Spiritual life

Mind as a tool – it has always had a superior function which was not to create your happiness but your survival. When food was hidden in one cave and a bear was sleeping in the other, what do you think was worth remembering? When there was no food, you could always look for a new one, but meeting with a bear had one winner and it was not a human. For this reason, our mind captures and stores negative experiences. That is why it is so important to consciously direct our attention to positive events, memories because unconsciously you will never go there. The mind is not your enemy, it does the job as a bodyguard but not as an advisor.

Free will – since we have free will, we must have a choice. We cannot only be surrounded by light and positive energy, we also need darkness and negativity. Read again. Why? Because having negative thoughts is natural and everyone has it. The thought that there is something wrong with you belongs to this category as well. The choice is consciously questioning these thoughts and redirecting attention to the positive side of the event. Each medal has two sides, the reason why you cannot see the other one is that you have to open yourself to this possibility and train it.

Your choice between positive and negative has consequences. What thoughts you feed affect how you feel, what you say, and what you do. This energy is your fuel. If you choose negative thoughts, e.g. self-judgment, you also embed others more easily, and because like attracts like, more and more people in your life judge you, which in turn makes you feel judgmental and „gives” you the right to judge others. This wheel can also go the other way – replace the energy of judgment with love and see what happens.

Your body hears your thoughts – 5 minutes of feeling angry or sad lowers your immunity for 5-6 hours, while 5 minutes of gratitude increases the IgA indexes, which are our protective shield.

What you see is not true, it is your way of looking that makes your life what it is. It’s like choosing between dark glasses and pink glasses. By putting on the dark ones you see little, while in the pink ones everything looks friendlier. The point is not to close a blind eye to what is, but to open up to the fact that our perspective is very narrow. There is always another way out, a different view. Merely giving up your stubbornness and belief in the infallibility and opening up to a new perspective is already a step in the right direction. For most of our lives, we are like a worm inside an apple that slowly bites inside and thinks that what surrounds it (the apple) is the whole world and all possibilities, and then suddenly it gnaws a hole in the peel and shock. Hello World.

Telomeres – I will not write about them, because you can put them on Google. On the other hand, the length of the telomere has an impact on the quality of our life, slowing down the aging processes, one could say that it is the key to longevity. Attention- negative thoughts shorten the telomeres that can sense our energy and thoughts. Therefore, instead of buying an expensive cream which you tap nervously with the thought that you are getting old, touch your face and think what a great person you are.

Subconsciousness – it is more difficult here because it is impossible to reach the subconscious mind with the conscious mind. It is the base of memories and emotions recorded from this life and all previous ones. The subconscious mind speaks to you in dreams, in meditation, and, of course, attracts to your life everything that is repressed and from which you are forcefully running away, criticizing, or fearing. The question “why is this in my movie?” and taking responsibility for this scenario is very helpful.

During the harmonization sessions, we work with your soul path and, energies that, for example, drive your subconscious mind: you want one and yet you do the other, we align these energies so that you can feel yourself. Because your aspect leader by certain energies is not the true you. It is only a small part of your truth. SRT sessions using the methodology of Robert Detzler on the other hand, discover old records and programs of the subconscious. We go back to the past to remove the cause and integrate the effects. Your perspective widens and you, like a worm in an apple, bite the peel and discover a new life.1


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