Harmonizacja portretu

Harmonization of the numerological portrait

by | Apr 6, 2019 | Świadome życie

Harmonization of the numerological portrait

Understanding the relationship of cause and effect in our lives is a breakthrough. Awareness and acceptance are the only solid foundation for change. The numerological portrait is just exactly such a base on which you can build a new stage of your life, but it does not correct the current state.

You become a traveler and numerological portrait gives you a map of your life. It shows you where you are now and what directions are consistent with your true nature. Taking a step further, thanks to the harmonization process you are able to move on; equipped with a backpack and comfortable shoes, you are ready to start the journey.

What are the benefits of harmonizing a numerological portrait?

  • harmonization of energy in your energy body.
  • complementing your potentials, e.g. those that you lack may have been influencing your relationship with money or with your partner, or may have taken your freedom, courage, and power away from you
  • introducing a harmonious combination that, depending on the current stage of your life, will allow you to move forward, make changes, open yourself emotionally, give up the chaos of thoughts and an infernal loop of guilt or injustice
  • new signatures changing the destiny you attract, e.g. instead of loneliness, and financial outflows, we begin to invite relationships, stabilization, and success into our lives.
  • coherent communication between the heartmind and body manifested in increased creativity, emotional peace, physical and mental resilience.

The package includes a 1:30 hour session, during which I will explain step by step all the subjects mentioned above. Meetings can be held live or via Skype. Price 325euro

To make sure that you continue your journey in first class cabin I recommend further support – more on this topic please see the STAR package or the SRT.

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