Business numerology

Business numerology

by | Apr 6, 2019 | Świadome życie

Business numerology


Is a solid business plan based on your competencies and understanding the needs of a potential client strengthened by marketing strategy a golden mean and a guarantee of success on the market?

After 12 years in marketing, advising enterprises on how to develop their businesses more flexibly and profitably, I must admit that it has not always been the case.

Just like in personal life, sometimes we are guided by certain mechanisms and programs that we do not realize of, so our business activity may be subject to a certain energy that positively or negatively influences its further development.

There are many ways of implementation for numerology in the business including the analysis of already prospering company on the market as well as consulting in the process of starting your own business.

Benefits of business numerology:

  • analysis of the company name and hidden opportunities and threats affecting business such as; profits, losses, fraud or development.
  • advising in choosing the name of the company so that the energies hidden under it are compatible with its mission and vision and which increase the chances of profitability and expansion
  • interpretation of the main purpose that the brand attracts. Is it focused on success? What is its impact on the company’s image?
  • matching the right destination for a new name
  • setting the most favourable dates for starting a business
  • information helpful in developing employees’ potentials
Numerologia biznesowa

Business numerology is an individual process, tailored to your needs, in order to define them, I invite you to contact me. We select work tools depending on the stage of the process of setting up or running a commercial activity.

Example of business package:

    • checking 3 potential company names
    • choosing the right vibration and purpose of the company
    • setting a convenient date for setting up a business
    • 15 min Skype consultation
    • Price 150euro