SRT – Spiritual Response Therapy

by | Apr 7, 2019 | Świadome życie

Spiritual Response Therapy of Robert Detzler

„What is unaware, is stubborn, repeats itself and is able to break the door to be heard“


SRT is a technique of spiritual healing based on work with a pendulum and sheets, developed in the 1980s by Robert Detzler.

SRT – what is it about?

In connection with your “Higher Self” (true depth of your IA, your morphogenetic field), using pendulum and sheets, I identify and clean programs, blocks, and traumas stored in your subconscious, and in the cellular memory of your body.


Why it’s important?

Because your subconscious is having power over your conscious part. You can gain knowledge about yourself and the right tools to bring things into action. However, as far as all of this it’s not aligned with your subconscious you may never get there or sabotage yourself on the way.

wahadlo SRT - Spiritual Response Therapy

Do you know what “your first record” means?


We collect here the emotions of our ancestors, our parents, ways of survival acquired in utero up to 1 year of life. Our subconscious mind like the turntable still reproduces the same beliefs and reactions and you repeat the same behaviors over and over again.


Imagine that you wish to develop your career plan and build financial stability however at the same time your subconscious is convinced that rich people are bad and that money is unnecessary in life. You may try to lose weight but a pattern of punishing yourself that you are not aware of is going to push you to eat unhealthily. Maybe you are feeling lonely and looking for a partner but imprint “love hurts” is going to sabotage any new relationship.


During the session, we identify the gap between what you want and what your subconscious strives for. Non-harmonious vibrations will be removed. Together, we discuss their impact on your life. We invite positive expression and energy into the created space.

To speed up the process of recording new “songs” we will build a bridge between the energy and physical body using a positive form of the EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) method called MET (Modern Energy Tapping) where through the physical body meridians we can charge your energy body with what it needs and raise state of energy, well-being and positive emotions.

SRT is an irreplaceable component of my work, which completes the analytical part and enables holistic work in harmony with the heart, body and mind.

The package includes a 60 minutes session, during which I will explain step by step all the subjects mentioned above. Meetings can be held live or via Skype. Price 183euro