Heart coherence more effective than botox

Heart Coherence

by | May 26, 2020 | Świadome życie

Heart Coherence

Do you know that human heart is much more than an efficient pump that sustains life?

In fact, it’s an access point to a source of your creativity, wisdom and intelligence.

Heart and brain are communicating with each other and it is influencing your perceptions, emotions, intuition and health.

The heart communicates with the brain and body in four ways:
  • Neurological communication (nervous system)
  • Biochemical communication (hormones)
  • Biophysical communication (pulse wave)
  • Energetic communication (electromagnetic fields)


Coherence is the cooperative alignment between the heart, mind, and emotions.

heart coherence Heart Coherence

In other words, being connected with your heart is feeling at your best. This feeling is sent into your brain and transformed into positive thoughts to which your body responds with according hormones like oxytocin and DHEA, boosting the immune system.

Other way around negative emotions will lead to negative thoughts to which your body will answer with increased cortisol and adrenaline hormones suppressing your immune system at the same time. It’s like driving a car pushing gas and brake pedal at the same time.

Heart coherence advantages:

  • Boosting your immune system
  • Lowering stress 
  • Increased creativity 
  • Resilient heart – ready to respond when it is needed
  • Team feeling
  • Balanced work and home environment 
  • Higher productivity

And much more…

Heart Coherence exercises are part of STAR package and Workshops.

As a certified HeartMath Added Heart Facilitator I will teach you how to implement heart into your daily challenges. You will be able to measure your own coherence level using Inner Balance Trainer.