Methodology of my work


The only version of reality in which you fail is the one in which you don’t try.

A New Perspective

Our life is not about finding our potential, but rather about uncovering what has been hiding it.
The things that appear in our reality are not necessarily a reflection of our desires or who we are. Instead, they often reflect our fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs about ourselves.

Your inner power

Accepting responsibility is not a burden, but rather a key to freedom.
When you allow anything in your life to have control over you, you become dependent and lose your ability to act independently. However, when you take responsibility for your life, you do it for your own benefit, as it’s the only way you can make a change and improve your situation. Rather than trying to control your life with an inflexible mindset, it’s important to recognize what is holding you back and work towards overcoming those limitations.

Energy is infinite.

To receive something, you must open yourself to it.
Your defense mechanisms protect you from the potential pain of loss, but they also close you off from experiencing pleasure. When you don’t receive something, you can’t lose it, but at the same time, you will never have it. So, what is riskier: constantly limiting yourself or trying?

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“Don’t focus on the “how,” but rather ask “why.” 

True change begins with asking the right question.
Instead of constantly chasing after the “how” – how to attract, how to create – it’s important to open yourself up to the question, “Why isn’t this already a part of your life?” The process of manifestation is not about creating something, but rather trusting and allowing yourself to embrace the best version of your life.”

The truth is simple

Living in truth is not about living in constant extremes.
Self-discovery is not just about giving up everything and traveling to far-off places. Authenticity is a gradual process that involves understanding, feeling, trusting, and letting go. Only when we reach this point and gain a new perspective can we take the necessary steps to become the leaders of our own lives.

In my work, I help you achieve the best possible version of your life through:

  • Consciousness: I will assist you in comprehending yourself and your life on a larger scale.
  • Subconscious: Together, we will explore the defense mechanisms and limiting beliefs that are hindering your progress.
  • Body: We will focus on your nervous system and energy levels to ensure that you can consistently receive and retain new information.
  • Heart: By practicing heart coherence, meditation, and hypnosis, you will be able to tap into the full extent of your potential.
  • Intuition: I will help enhance and refine your ability to access the answers you seek.
  • Soul: Your energetic matrix will open you up to new possibilities, allowing you to move forward with a sense of ease and enjoyment.
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You know that you are worth it, and it is your destiny.”

The tools i use

In my practice, I use a unique combination of tools that has helped many of my clients find peace and authenticity in their lives. My methods are based on advanced Kabbalistic knowledge, which I have combined with numerology, kabbalistic astrology, total biology, bioenergotherapy, SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy), and hypnosis. 

I am one of the few specialists in Poland who uses these advanced kabbalistic tools to develop methods for individual work and courses. These methods have helped my clients to open up to loving partnerships, realize their desires despite fear and doubt, and achieve personal growth. 

Moreover, I am a heart coherence trainer, MET (Method of Empowerment) trainer, and spiritual mentor. I am constantly expanding my knowledge and experience. However, in my work, I am primarily guided by my intuition and the highest good of the client.

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