Consciousness creates your life
you know better you choose  better

Happiness is not a feeling, happiness is a choice

Everything in life begins with this choice…

More love

More abundance

More trust


HERE and NOW you have the power to choose.

Take a moment to pause and reflect.

If you knew that a “yes” answer was possible, what would you ask for?

If you prioritize your own well-being, what decision would you make? 

If you trust yourself enough which leap would you take?


Remember, it’s the doubts of today that prevent us from achieving tomorrow’s dreams.

About me

Ewa Józefowicz

Ewa Józefowicz

My name is Ewa, and my mission is to help you discover the best version of your life and who you can become when you let go of control and embrace trust.
The first step in this journey is to understand yourself and the world around you. Only by recognizing what’s holding you back can you start living your life to the fullest.
My mission stems from my personal experience when i decided 
– to learn how to open up to love, trust, and femininity after spending years in unavailable relationships and a toxic marriage.
– to make the bold decision to leave my old life behind and move to Austria with only 100 euros in my pocket.
– to follow my inner calling and leave my corporate career to pursue my destiny, despite
 my loved ones thought I was losing my mind. 

Today, I run a business that I love, and it feels like my true calling.

I support you to live the life you were meant to live.

    Are you afraid of what your life might become if you follow that quiet voice that wants more?
    Do you feel like you need to understand it better before taking action?

    It is not a coincidence you are here

    The world of intuition has a structure and the source of suffering often comes from a lack of understanding it.


    How can i support you?

    Individual support

    customed to your needs

    Today is a moment that you will remember and share with others.”

    How i work

    Unlock the full potential of your life with my proven methodology. By identifying and eliminating subconscious limiting beliefs, you can achieve a more satisfying and fulfilling life. Don’t let those beliefs hold you back any longer. Let’s create the life you truly deserve.

    My story

    Embark on a journey of discovery and get to know me better. Experience my unique approach, explore my passions, and be inspired by my journey towards change. Let’s take the first step together!

    Individual mentoring

    Introducing the STAR package – a personalized transformation program designed to help achieve your dream life.

    Customers references

    Unleash the full potential of my work by exploring the inspiring success stories of my clients. Witness the profound transformation they have experienced and be inspired to achieve your own goals.


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