Numerologiczna 44/8

Numerological 44/8

by | Oct 23, 2020 | Life Path Numbers, Master numbers, Numerology


  • great strength
  • very rare vibration
  • justice
  • integrity
  • honesty
  • organizing large events, projects
  • management of non-profit organizations, charity
  • building and conducting large projects
  • accuracy
  • courage


  • Karma of holding and abuse of high positions towards society (owning a debt)
  • difficult childhood and / or previous lives (worth cleaning up)
  • If the potential is not used for the good of society, it will overwhelm and “burn” your energy
  • Too much attachment to rules (blocks potential)
  • Judging
  • Lack of faith in yourself and your own power


Lesson: I am closing the old chapters and building new one. I realize the strength and power of my own potential and bravely and on a large scale use the energy given to me for the good of humanity. In order for talent to become active, you must travel abroad and break the bonds of family obligations and promises.

Health: muscle tension, bones, spine, joints.

General information – master potential is not given, but it should be developed / unlocked.

Hence, master numbers sometimes choose harder lessons in life. If the potential is not unlocked, you will be closer to the description of vibration 8.


  1. Leona

    My 8 year old daughter is a life path number 44/8. She always has been motivated to get rich. Doesn’t like rules VERY emotional and negative a lot of the time. Magically manifest things accidentally simply by speaking it into existence good or bad. Mental health issues, intelligent, strange but cute personality. Very sensitive, she will cry if a song is “sad” to her. Very spiritual but I believed it was because of me. In astrology our karmic connection is she’ is in my life for attachment healing. So I was blown away when I found out she is a life path number considered to be a master healer

    • Ewa

      in fact, this is the rarest life path – representing very strong energy and huge challenges at the same time – easier said – imagine that your daughter wants to take part in ironman (sport competition) but at the spiritual level. that requires huge training and strong muscle of consciousness. Her biggest gift will be transforming past life difficulties and debts into her expertise that she can share with the world later on. Your role as a mother will help in this, show her by your own life that what seems to be punishment can be the biggest treasure, and that failure and mistake is opportunity to grow- so never something that we should be sacred or angry about. Like on fitness – your muscle are thorn apart during training to get stronger.

  2. Olivia

    I learned I was a 44/8 about 25 years ago. There weren’t any examples at the time for us to look to. I remember they weren’t even sure 44 was a Master number back then.

    Now I look at this information and I am surprised it all fits. Even the part about organizing events and working at a non-profit.

    I still have not developed or unlocked my Master potential however by middle age & I do vibrate at an 8.

    My weakness was the difficult childhood & breaking from toxic family. Travel & living abroad was eye opening, but I never found my talent besides organizing & being a supporting character my whole life.

    • Ewa

      Dear Olivia – thank you for your comment. Breaking from toxic Family is not a weakness -it’s a strength- very often from a soul perspective we plan difficult childhood in order to rise above, to get the motivation to push further, and “be different”. And why strength? Because we have free will and you could have stayed in victim mode and decide not to change anything and follow the path of your family patterns and behaviors. please acknowledge that. 44/8 has a lot of judgment energy, maybe in a past life it was you judging others…but somehow I feel in this life you mainly judge yourself. i am sure there are many talents and blessings inside of you, would love to discover them with you via 1:1 session if you feel ready one day.

  3. Val

    My life path is also 44/8. I’m in my 20’s and figuring out in which direction to build my life. I have an urge to protect the earth/nature and have a desire to be creative in my career. I keep searching for more info on the 44/8 life path to seek some guidance. I just started learning about numerology and the meaning behind numbers, it’s all very interesting! When I was a child I believed numbers had personalities so it’s fascinating to see how my understanding of numbers correspond with numerology.

    • Ewa

      i think as children we know and see all…however the more our analytical mind starts to develop and take over we rethink what is profound and true. i see numbers and astrological signs as indicators, language to describe unique energies that a person has around and from what is this coming and for what can be transformed. Our potential is not to be developed is to be uncovered from all that has never been true and what we think we are instead to feel. if you feel one day i will do your soul plan with plesure

      • joe lane

        I’m a 44/8 I’m 33 years old please help me understand and make a plan

        • Ewa

          Have a look at tools- all is described. If you decide than email me 😉

  4. Denise

    I have a destiny/expression 44/8 and a 29/11 life path. Oh boy, life seems to be a bunch of hurdles to jump over and overcome! I am supposing that means I am not playing with my energy correctly! My whole life has been a quest to find meaning and purpose. I know there is a “something” within me waiting to express and benefit humanity, but I have not been able to manifest it. I have been to spiritual advisors, shamans, and psychics for answers but to no avail!

    Is it something about this life path expression configuration that screams difficulty?! My biggest fear is leaving this earth without fulfilling my destiny.

    • Ewa

      Dear Denise,our life path is just a small part of the whole energetic matrix we planed in this life. In fact it’s all about energies, what do we want to transform and use differently. On top to discover the purpose it’s not logical process, you don’t search for it, you look what is blocking you or where your motivations are coming from. So it’s like you are looking for the light that is on but covered with some blankets, you don’t look for switch, you need to uncover it.
      On top I do think you may have a strong subconscious pattern where the need to reveal the purpose it’s fear based ( previous life?) so the motivation is negative as coming from fear. We could explore that in one to one sessions on Skype, have a look at star package. Wish you all the best

  5. Tanisha Sutherland

    Not sure if other 44/8 energy individuals can relate, but I do feel the need to assist others all the time. Like I have a passion to make others happy. I also notice that whenever I’m climbing up in life something always knocks. me back down.

    I also had a stressful childhood.

    • Ewa

      Dear Tanisha, our life path is just a small part of the whole energetic matrix we planed in this life. In fact it’s all about energies, what do we want to transform and use differently. What you describe are patterns that are in your subconscious, which has nothing to do with our higher plan or what we want lovely speaking. As far there is no harmony between this 3 we feel blocked. Have a look at the star package in work methodology – we could work one to one on Skype to explore this. Thank you for you comment all the love

  6. anon

    its weird online using those numerology calculator they skip my last vowel letter which become 17/8 over 44/8. Only one numerology calculator made 44 and another one had 22 instead for soul urge number but by hand if i calculate it its 44…i find it funny cause i have been putting the same input of my name yet so different in the reading..

    • Ewa

      First of all there are different numerology systems, myself I use 5 of them and adding kabalistic astrology on top, however even than the interpretation comes from feeling the energy of your matrix and not from the head, as numbers, astrology signs etc there are just deciding the energy potential. Energy is like plasticine- we may model million’s shape out of it- so the potential is there but ways to enroll are different. This is why myself I do only 1:1 readings, no pdf, live. As everybody is unique. Give me your birthday date and I will tell you if it’s 44/8. All the best and than you for sharing

  7. Chris

    I’ve recently discovered my life path number 8, I started researching this because I’ve got a crazy ongoing connection with angel number 111 and 11:11, I’ve been spiritually enlightened and I’m being guided down my life path and my purpose!

    I’m very entrepreneurial and business savvy, I started my first business when I was 19 and I’m currently 29, I’ve always been highly driven and successful, reading information about life path 8 literally describes me down to a T! I’m a thriving number 8 who has endless amounts of love to give and I’m so excited about what the next few years has ahead of me as the crazy connection with 111 and 11:11 is directly linked to my new choice of career & life path, it is all just absolutely crazy, for anyone who’s experienced something similar or has interesting stories I’d love to get in touch!

    • Ewa

      This is great Chris. Happy to read you are in your soul flow 😉 wish you all the magic

    • May

      Hi Chris, I’d love to get in touch. I’m 44/8 life path. I’m also very business minded, I work with business management at the highest levels and I’m always thinking about management. I had 11:11 angle number 10 years back too, when I realised I’m being called to something.


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