Numerologiczna 7

Numerological number 7

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Life Path Numbers, Numerology

Planet – Neptune

Symbol -Mysticism

Animal – Cat


  • intuition
  • excellent psychologist
  • individualism, will not stay in the crowd
  • sense of aesthetics and elegance
  • good manners and upbringing
  • mystery
  • analyst’s sense
  • accuracy
  • mindfulness, observation
  • care for high quality


  • haughtiness, conceit
  • emotional coldness
  • insulation
  • attachment to the intellect
  • belief in your own right
  • perfectionism
  • secretiveness

Lesson: learn to laugh, don’t take life too seriously. Let go of the past and live by today.

Health: bladder, kidneys, fragile body, alcoholism.


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