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4th of August – Tu B’Av – A Cosmic Union

by | Aug 3, 2020 | Self-discovery, Spiritual life

What is it?

Tu b’Av is the only day of the year where the sun and the moon are equally dominant in the universe. The Zohar tells us that the harmony between the sun and the moon will take place during the time of redemption, where the sun and the moon are both complete and connected. This cosmic balance allows us to connect to our complete, perfected selves – our best version that has fulfilled our potential.

How to use the Energy of Tu B’Av Day?

At this day we have the opportunity to draw our soulmate to us. Whatever you are single or in relationship, it’s all about deeper understanding, that soulmate is a piece of your soul, so is reflection of you.

Often, we dream about perfect partner bringing happiness, stability and trust in our life. However, if it’s all about our mirror so it has to start deep in you. You can’t attract happy and full of love partner if you don’t love yourself and you don’t feel happiness.

In truth, there is no more important task than the work that we do in our relationships; the Zohar teaches that to have the merit to be with somebody who both pushes you to grow and who is open for you to push them to grow is the greatest blessing in the world. This is a definition of a soulmate.

What you can do?

If you are single, think not how your future partner should be but how do you want to feel in this relationship.

Take a moment and write down, for instance, happy, in love with myself, in love with life etc. Once you are done- notice – do you feel it right now, in relation with yourself?

If I desire to attract a person who will reflect all this -means it needs to be in me already. Give yourself couple of minutes to feel it, here and now and every day.

If you are in relationship, look at your partner, identify all the behaviors triggering your reactive part. Keeping in mind that he is part of your soul – what this behavior wants to show you? How can you transform it deep in yourself? You partner is actor in your movie and you gave him this particular scenario to see…. what? Recognize how this makes your grow and feel gratitude.



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