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Kabbalistic astrology – the month of Leo

by | Jul 21, 2020 | Spiritual life

On July 22, according to the Kabbalistic calendar begins the month of the Leo.

This is the only month ruled by the Sun – which represents the male element.

The month of the Leo can be very positive, but also the most destructive – just as the energy of the sun brings us light, heat, but it can destroy and burn.

The key is our proactive and not reactive attitude. It is a time when our Ego will be very active, it will convince us that we already know everything. The more pride and competition in us, the more this period will be negative. The key is humbleness and openness to cooperation. Let the light of the sun cast a ray to the dark side, where do you feel jealous? What do you want to compete for? In which topic are you too proud to ask for help?


Picture to Anastasia Dulgier


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