10 ways to change your partner

10 ways to make your partner change

by | Jul 23, 2020 | Life journey

  1. start with yourself
  2. when his behavior annoys you – rethink for what you get angry at yourself?
  3. if it hurts you – feel what hurts – heart or crumbling ego?
  4. feeling no balance? Check how much you give yourself and are ready to accept
  5. Every time you think negatively about him, know that what we see is not true. The way you see (thinking) the world makes it what it is.
  6. Learn to love his dark side because it is the shadow of your soul. If you notice it, you let in the light as you can’t see anything without it.
  7. forgive -not him but yourself – because you are the director of this movie, your partner plays only his role.
  8. Before you decide to attack – ask in your mind “what does he want to teach you?”
  9. Be grateful – because we grow in every relationship – what hurts now will be your trampoline to happiness layter on.
  10. when you change, your energy changes and thus your perception of your partner – so he changes too. Your relationship goes to a different level – together or separately.



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