What is more important in life – to play the game or to win?

What is more important in life – to play the game or to win?

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Life journey, Business life, Self-discovery

Theoretically, every game or competition is about winning.

Why theoretically? Imagine a football team that someone has guaranteed that every subsequent match will be won. It would soon turn out that the desire to play and the level of motivation of players would drop very low. What sense does it make if winning is all that counts?

Well, just like the example from above, the same in everyday life, we ​​do not want to have a success guarantee.

Our real goal is to play, to be challenged and take a risk of losing. It is at this level that our inner capacity, adaptation skills and potential are tested. This is our source of satisfaction and growth.

Therefore, the next time you get nervous about your EGO, which tells you that you can’t manage the challenge and that you are too weak, look at it as your opponent. We have to play this game with someone, don’t we?

And when you find that fate is against you, take a look at your dreams and whether this obstacle is not part of the game, thanks to which you will get those attributes that you lack so far and which will make you win what you dream about?


“There was a man who spent his whole life robbing banks. He was criminal genius who could easily break through the most sophisticated security system. When he died Kaufen Pamelor Online ohne rezept , an angel greeted him and showed him around.

“wow, this I s a great place! There is food, spa, nice sleeping accommodations. There is everything I could ever need”
But eventually he became bored. He asked angel: “Could you help me out? I would like to rob a bank”

Angel: “yes, what time would you like to do it?

Robber: 3pm this afternoon

Angel: how much money would you like in the safe?

Robber: Two million

Angel: “perfect, two million dollars will be there, waiting for you. Here are the plans of the bank layout. Just walk in and take it.”

Robber: “no, no, no. You don’t understand. I want to plan this. I want to bypass the alarms and security on my own.”

Angel: “You can’t do that. Now that you have died, things are a little different. You just tell us what you want and we provide this for you”

Robber: “But I am a greatest bank robber the world has ever known. There is no thrill in doing it this way. What kind of racket do you have going on here in heaven?”

Angel: “Who said this is heaven?”.


From The power of kabbalah from Rav Berg Teachings.





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