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Energy centers in the body – chakras – part one

by | May 10, 2020 | Self-discovery

This subject seems to be interesting considering the number of questions I have been receiving in this area.

We have 8 so-called energy centers, which are also named as chakras. 7 of them are in our bodies. Let’s look at them from the perspective of our body and the flow of energy. Each center has its own separate “brain” management system.

1 center – sex glands (hormones progesterone, estrogen, testosterone)

Purpose: reproduction, procreation, elimination, identity. Huge amounts of creative energy.

Root chakra – my fundaments, roots, grounding.

2 center – endocrine glands and pancreas (hormones responsible for blood sugar levels, digestive enzymes)

Purpose: consumption and digestion.

Relationship chakra – relationships, family, social groups. The center of attachment and letting go

3 center – adrenal glands (hormones cortisol, adrenaline)

Goal: motivation, control, aggression, domination, will.

Solar plexus chakra – competition, self-esteem, where you put your intention, motivation, and strength to overcome life’s difficulties.

The first three centers contain our entire animal instinct (reproduction, food, fight for territory). While we need everything to live and survive, the problem arises when our energy does not flow higher and we block it at this level. If you live in constant stress, anxiety, or aggression, fight for your inflated ego or staying in the position of a victim, low self-esteem, then, unfortunately, you are hanging around in an infernal loop. Your perspective will be narrowed, directed to the outside world because these 3 centers only receive information using the 5 senses.

It will be difficult to build healthy relationships, express love, feel part of something bigger. Your access to intuition will be blocked.

Perhaps you are overusing sexual energy or is it blocked? Maybe you feel pain, shame, dissatisfaction? In this case, u can be compulsive overeating or starve yourself, having digestive problems. Are you always on standby? Is life against you? Do you have to fight, compete (for a partner, for positions at work, etc.)? Is your attachment to material things a strong one? What about the emotions of jealousy, impatience, control. At the body level of this can be manifested by adrenal exhaustion, disturbed day and night cycle, or insomnia.

Living in harmony is when we are tuned into the free flow of energy, removing blockages and taking care of coherence between all 8 centers. So that each of the centers is powered up, communicates with the rest, and is used when it is actually needed. Every frequency carries different information (like a radio station or your mobile phone) in order to access the higher spaces you need to change your energy level first.


Photo by Sharon Pittaway


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