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The way you feel is not you

by | Jun 28, 2020 | Numerology, Self-discovery, Spiritual life

I will say it again: THE WAY YOU FEEL IS NOT YOU.
Each of us has different emotions and our bodies are addicted to some of them. I consciously use the word addiction here, because there is no difference between addiction to smoking or taking drugs and the addiction from feeling hopeless, sad, or aggressive.The fact to which emotions are we addicted is influenced by many aspects such as; our subconscious programs, cellular memory, a family memory, and a set of energies, which I define as a numerological combination.

What is this?
The combination determines 3 main energies that affect you and your emotions:

– the energy in the heart – that influences how you feel inside and how you perceive the world

– external energy – how the world perceives you (when both these energies are opposite, we are facing misunderstandings and conflicts, where we often do not understand how someone can talk about us, that we are for instance insensitive, inaccessible)

– subconscious energy – a goal that you subconsciously and persistently strive for, which very often has nothing to do with what you consciously want to achieve. You don’t know why something is happening again and you feel losing control. Well, you have it – only that the subconscious sits behind the helm.
This whole system affects your emotions. If these energies are inconsistent, jagged, you feel somehow blocked, wanting so much and not being able. Logically emotion of aggression starts to be present in your life.
Using this example, I will elaborate on the thought that how you feel is not you.

Just because you feel aggressive doesn’t mean you are aggressive. You behave aggressively, but it’s not you. It’s an aspect of you under certain energies that are addicted to this emotion. When we harmonize the numerological portrait and change the energy system, your body slowly gets rid of this addiction, and you discover your true nature, which has nothing to do with aggression.When you are addicted to a given emotion, it’s like looking at the world through the glasses of this emotion. If this is aggression, everything you see, what will reach you, and what you are also able to accept and understand will only be at the level of aggression.

A few days ago a client who is currently in the process of harmonization wrote to me. Because the new energy systems are no longer consistent with the aggression that guided this person for many years, her body is currently doing everything to “detox” this emotion. In contrast, emotion tries everything to become “energized”. She felt nervous, pissed off. I calmly started explaining which exercises can bring relief and help, in turn, she responded to each proposal: “I can’t,” “I can’t,” “I can’t.”
This is how the process works, it is not she not being able, but the emotion that drives her makes her feel this way. In the end, she did not see anything outside the level of aggression (these proverbial glasses). In the course of this discussion, I felt slightly irritated and nervous – because this is the next stage – emotion provokes and attracts situations that will drive it – conflict in this case. Remember, we are connected by energy – that’s why despite the distance my body received a signal of “aggression” and turned on the attack mode. Also, if you often get into conflict relationships, you can be sure that you subconsciously attract them at the level of emotions, because such waves are sent by your body.
It helped when I said – “you are like a drunkard looking for a poke, asking – what are you staring at?” There is no right answer to this question. Each of them will provoke the drunkard to further brawl because he sees the world through the glasses of aggression.

The harmonization process is not always easy and pleasant, because it is the proverbial body and mind detox from the negative aspects of you. The good news is that this leads you to your true nature, which is neither aggressive nor impatient nor sad.
Yes, these emotions will continue to appear, but they will not guide you, you will look at them through the glasses of your consciousness. You can read more about the methodology of my work on the website

With gratitude for myself and my client for our beautiful process …








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