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Energy centers in the body – chakras – the heart and its coherence

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Self-discovery

4th center – heart, thymus – the most important immune gland of our body (growth hormone and oxytocin – love hormone)

Goal: altruism, the door to the soul, here we abandon our animal side.

Heart chakra – love, care, care, compassion, gratitude, goodness.

I like to categorize our mind, heart, and body as tools that each of us received as helpful equipment in everyday life.. While the first 3 chakras correlate strongly with the body – the „do-er” of our projects, our heart has other roles – which is being our advisor. This is the place of our truth and intuition. Here you can feel who you really are and what is “yours” and what is not. If our energy flows from the first three centers to the heart – then we feel part of the community, we love life. Thus, we reduce stress levels and reactive nature.

To feel our own heart – we must consciously concert our attention there and enter into a state of coherence by activating feelings such as love, care, care, compassion, gratitude, goodness. The point is that they should not be an accidental reaction to external events, but a daily state regardless of what is happening “outside the window”.

In this way, we not only improve our physical health and mental well-being but also create a new happy future.

You can find heart coherence practices, e.g. here or here



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