Selflove as the greatest revolution

by | May 1, 2019 | Self-discovery

Have you ever asked yourself a question; what is your connection to your own body?

If yes, what was the outcome?

Based on my observations I would say it is mostly;

    1. no relation,
    2. hate or rejection,
    3. conditional acknowledgment (as far I am young, as long I am skinny…)


What if I tell you that, there is one more option, which is an honest relationship based on love and acceptance?

I refer to the state where you have a romance with yourself, giving you all the affection and love. You treat your body like your best friend, you lift it when motivation is needed and you embrace its weaknesses instead of burying them.

Indeed, it sounds unrealistic and it took me 36 years of my life to get there… let me share this with you.

I have started with no relation. I was not paying attention to my own body, it was there, it was part of me, and I guess it was OK. I was lucky to be normal weight, healthy and growing up in the times of the Backstreet Boys era rather than Vogue magazine and Instagram perfection.

At some point, I have switched into a rejection attitude. Suddenly the pressure of being super skinny was here with me. It was hidden under a sporty lifestyle and trendy healthy BIO food.

I have tried to fight with this need of perfection, but once you point your weak parts out, you cannot close your eyes and pretend they are not there anymore. That’s why I set up myself a target in terms of look and feel and reaching it has shifted me to point 3 – conditional acceptance!

I was good with my body as it was good for me. I called it teamwork. As long as the scale of my weight was not pointing the wrong number, and what I saw in the mirror was satisfying me I was “loving myself”. Do you know what’s the biggest trap here? Because the source of your happiness and acceptance is externally based, and not coming from inside you, it will always be unstable. It will never be enough, and there always be another reason or another target to reach.

So here is the short recipe what to start with;

  1. Accept the here and now. It’s not equal to a lack of action or no need for change. To accept means to understand that the current state you are in is necessary. It will serve your inner discovery and growth, as far as you found the lessons behind.
  2. Identify your lesson. You have all the capacity to do it by yourself, however, you may use some help, as it’s not so easy, especially at the begin.

There are many tools like meditation, hypnoses, EFT, numerology (read more here). Whatever you feel is corresponding with you

  1. Do your homework. Your soul doesn’t have the need to repeat the same lesson. Once you learned what was required you will shift straight to another level.


Coming back to my own story. At some point, I got sick and I have gained 12kg of weight almost “over a night”. I was fighting with it, rejecting myself, confusing acceptance with an agreement, putting my whole world into this ….

I have walked a long way to understand that what I considered to be a punishment, was actually a blessing, and the moment I got sick was the moment I have started to be healthy in fact. Using psychonumerology I have integrated the puzzle elements into one picture. My body, heart, soul, and mind become one. I was seeing myself and the world from a different perspective. A new door opened for me

And there was so much more find than the body …

As getting healthy and skinny became for me just a cherry on the cake and not the cake itself, I got it anyway. The funny thing about the universe is, that as long you really want something it may not be given to you. Try to let go and see how the world will come back saying “you can have it”.


To feel comfortable in your own skin is about knowing and accepting who you really are.

The secret here is that the moment you start looking for perfection is exactly the moment you lost it. Perfection is something we imagine to be outside. Like there is a way to walk first.

But in fact, there is no distance between you and the REAL YOU. Put your awareness inside, where the REAL YOU live in.

The REAL YOU are always perfect!


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