Numerological portrait

Numerological portrait

by | Apr 6, 2019 | Świadome życie

Numerological portrait


Imagine that you could get a pin code for a safe where your life map is hidden. Would you like to read it?

Maybe you do not understand why certain things do not go their way or why some situations are coming back like a boomerang?

Are you looking for passion and fulfillment? Do You feel that something is sprouting in you, but you cannot give it direction or name it? Perhaps you know exactly what it is, but something blocks you or makes you fail to achieve your goals?

Or maybe you just want to explore the corners of your personality?

This question and many others are answered by a numerological portrait, which consists of:

  • Your birth vibration characteristic including your talents, strengths, and weaknesses, indicating the direction of your growth and meaning of your lessons.
  • Your number combinations explaining how you feel inside yourself, through which filters you observe the reality, and how others are perceiving your communication. Which purposes you aim subconsciously and are these combinations serving you?
  • lessons and talents that flow from male and female lines of your family, explaining what you get inherited from your parents and ancestors
  • Your life lesson – which experience you are supposed to master and how does it correlate with what you currently do? Which effect does this lesson have on your further journey?
  • Your potentials, explaining if you have access to all archetypes. If not, what is the reason and what can be the result?
  • analysis of your signatures, which reveals what destiny you attract in your business and private life
  • Your number of relationships – explaining which person you want to be in a relationship and what kind of partner you are looking for
  • descriptions of cycles: forming, productive and harvesting – what influenced your childhood development, what professions can work for you and what will drive you in your adulthood
  • breakthrough points and energy characteristics that affect you in given age ranges
  • the main challenges of your soul, allowing you to understand why you are here and with which purpose
  • Your karmic pyramid, which explains under the influence of which opportunities and threats you may find yourself in particular periods of your life.
Numerological portrait

Why it’s worth taking the step into the self-discovery journey and find your answers?

Because knowledge about yourself is a key to transform your life experience into your expertise.

When you know better you do better.

The package includes a 60 minutes session, during which I will explain step by step all the subjects mentioned above. Meetings can be held live or via Skype. Price 215euro