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A soulmate is not necessary a prince from Disney’s fairy tale

by | Jun 26, 2020 | Life journey, Self-discovery, Spiritual life

Do you understand the meaning of the word soulmate? We often have the idea that he or she is the person with whom we will live happily like in Walt Dinsey’s story.

We will build a relationship based on mutual understanding, we will play to one goal, not argue much and like the same things.

Let’s take a look at the word – soul mate – where it is a soul close to us – not necessarily a human being. This is why its soul-mate and not human-mate.

It’s all about the soul meeting a soul. This person is here to provide you with everything (read experiences) that will push you towards your truth. Its task is to show you all the hidden lessons, suffering, and your dark side. This person will do so until you notice that it is yours and in you to heal yourself and connect with your own light. Do you think this could be possible in an idyllic relationship?

A relationship with a soul mate is not easy, on the contrary, it is full of lessons and obstacles, and you grow by overcoming them. According to Kabbalah, each of us comes here with a specific soul challenge, the so-called Tikkun, and a soul mate helps us with these lessons.

However, such a relationship is not a toxic relationship where there is never an internal breakthrough. In toxic relationships, we cannot go above the level of emotions to explore lessons and programs, we remain in the constellation of mutual blame and downward dragging. In relation to a soul mate, it’s all about coming together to a higher level of consciousness.


Personally, I was able to experience both variants in my life. I was lost in a destructive relationship full of violence, hatred, anger, pain, where none of us went above the level of emotions and emotions controlled us. I was also able to experience a combination of two souls full of love, indescribable attraction, but also suffering and loneliness in one. The pain of a crumbling EGO is indescribable. However, I would not be here with you if it weren’t for this relationship. Thanks to this person I found my path, the mission of my heart, I saw everything I did not want to see in myself, and what I could not accept from my parents. Every now and then I had a dream that I got stuck in an elevator (levels of consciousness) and he pulls me out of it. At the time, EGO was saying – no sense, I know more – how can he be the one to get me out? Now I laugh to myself because a soul mate is not a similar soul, but it’s part of the same soul. It’s the same level of consciousness, I am he, he is me. However, this has nothing to do with being like a person. A person is not a soul, it’s just a costume that the soul has dressed to play the role. Here as Ewa – I feel a mix of everything, common passions, interests, and completely different views that push the appropriate buttons. Like chocolate with chili.

An old saying says – be careful what you wish. Before you speak out loud – I am looking for a soul mate, it is worth understanding what follows. It is nothing more than a request to the universe “give me everything my soul needs to develop further”

Good luck than.


If you are interested in a deeper understanding of the level of relationships and lessons processed together, I invite you to partner analysis.







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