Numerology of relationships


According to statistics, on average every second marriage concluded in Europe ends in divorce. Interestingly, immediately after the adultery the main reason given by couples is the incompatibility of characters.

However, the decision to choose a partner with whom you are going to share your life is not a random decision. Understanding the mechanisms that guide you and family relationships that affect you, changes your perspective. Instead of problems, you see the lessons that flow from this relationship. By sharing them together – you and your partner, you go out of the vicious cycle of a lack of understanding and arguments, develop each other and build a harmonious relationship.

Benefits of numerical analysis of the relationship:

  • characteristics of your and your partner’s vibrations through which you will learn about your strengths and weaknesses
  • understanding the language of love that each of you uses
  • defining the most satisfying level to which you aspire in the relationship and obstacles that stand in this way
  • decoding elements in the ancestral line of the mother and father and their impact on our choices
  • learning the lessons and challenges to do in this relationship
  • understanding the main purpose and role that you play towards each other
  • analysis of the parent-child relationship
numerologia dla par Numerology of relationships

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