Why waiting will not change your life?

Why waiting will not change your life?

by | Sep 21, 2019 | Life journey, Numerology, Self-discovery, Spiritual life

The future you dream about is behind a door. The present moment holds the key!

Why is “waiting for” an illusion and doesn’t change your life?

Because no decision, escape or endless delaying is also a decision!

Maybe you are waiting for the declaration of a partner and she / he always has something more important, one more trip, one more project at work, you should understand; it’s not good time and the right moment. You may have been promised a raise or promotion at work again, however it’s the next year budget that will surely allow it.

Or maybe you are on the other side of the coin and still promising yourself and your partner that everything will work out soon, but instead to act you are escaping and shifting all into the future?

No matter which scenario appeals to you, by staying in it you agree with it.

However, we usually don’t take that responsibility. Instead we feel frustration, anger, lack of patience and blaming our partner, boss and life.

I understand that you may not be ready to take specific steps. This is normal and ok, but look at this consciously, admit it to yourself and don’t promise. Don’t put your anger away, just stay with it. It’s your signpost that shows you that something is not in line with your values. Your heart speaks to you. Try to use anger as energy. First to understand, then to act. What are your values? Not what you want, but how you want to feel! Dig deeply, simple “want to be happy” is not enough. Why? Because for one, happiness at work means constant development, travels, challenges, changes, for another a quiet corner and small projects. Giving yourself a moment is not postponing an action but conscious declaration of scanning your own interior.

We often try to skip this stage, because once you explore your own truth and what you want to feel and how you want to live, you will get rid of excuses to be stuck in what is no longer serving you.

Saying out loud what you want equals carry responsibility on your own shoulders. Note that we often lie about our desires. We prefer to convince ourselves that the work we do is ok, or that we share the same values in a relationship, because we are afraid. Ironically the same fear makes you sabotage your relationship, happiness and self- development. Whatever you are building, if the foundations are not based on your truth, its a house of cards. You hurt yourself and your loved ones.

What do I mean by the present holds the key? Well, it is impossible to create the future of our dreams without changing here and now. This is the only moment that pushes domino blocks. If you are afraid, lying to yourself, feeling angry, guilty or blaming someone, all these vibrations creates an energy. You can shout and cry that it was not meant to be and you want something different, but the Universe will not hear this call. Not because it ignores you, but because it uses the language of energy. To be happy, fulfilled, in a loving relationship, creative work you have to feel it all here and now. Exit the role of the victim and take over the control. Consciously fill yourself with these feelings and the level of your energy will increase and open the door at which you have been staring for a long time.

When you are in your truth you stop running away. Anything that is not compatible with you disappears slowly. You enter a different level, at other frequency. Don’t wait!

Turn waiting rooms into a conscious life!

If you don’t know where to start psychonumerology and SRT may help you here.

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