Why do you act in a certain way or feel what you feel and how it is connected with a combination of energies inside you?

Why do you act in a certain way or feel what you feel and how it is connected with a combination of energies inside you?

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Did you know that in addition to the physical body we also have an energy body?

Yes, beyond this we do have more bodies, e.g. ethereal or astral one, but in my experience it is the energy body that has the greatest impact on us and our lives.


Depending on the leading energies in our energy body, it moves on a scale of -10 to +10. The energy body communicates with us through emotions, and these have a real impact on our well-being, health, and thoughts. As a consequence, how we feel is reflected in our actions, decisions and how our lives look like.



  1. Our energy body is on a minus 7 scale, which communicates with us through feelings of anger and stress. These emotions passing through the body and heart are disrupting the state of coherence (aligned communication between our heart and mind) and blocking our access to the cognitive part of the mind. As a result, we get furious, we cannot cope with stress, our decisions are meaningless. This state results in mistakes at work or venting anger on our partner or a child. As a consequence, we feel tired, sad, we do not know how it could have happened.


  1. Our energy body is on a plus 7 scale, which communicates with us through a sense of efficiency, readiness for taking an action, making a change. We feel happy and fulfilled. We know exactly what we want, how to achieve it and life reflects this with successes. The level of satisfaction with our work or family relationships is stable, despite other variables.


What affects the energy body and its position on the scale (-10/+10)?


From a numerology point of view, this is your energies combination, which we calculate based on the date of birth and all your names. It’s an energy system:

  1. in your heart – how you feel, how you see the world, how you receive what comes to you – no one but you have access to this space.
  2.  in expression – this is how the external world sees you, the filter which all that you feel and express is passing through – you do not have access to this space.
  3. your subconscious target – as you know the subconscious is having more power over the conscious part. If this energy is inconsistent with what you consciously desire, unfortunately, you will finally do something “against” yourself.


Now imagine that these three energies are not harmonious, they constantly cause mood changes, low self-esteem, cold emotional communication and an endless need to please others or chase perfection.

How highly likely is that despite meditation and a conscious desire to change your energy body will jump on the minus part of the scale? And thus, your emotions will express stress, anger, and fear. Your mind will respond with negative thoughts, and these will go down in your physical body leading to malaise, depression or fatigue.


Does it still prove anything?

Notice how many teenagers change between the ages of 15 and 16? We explain this with a hormone storm or new life in high school.

What if I tell you that confirmation and adding a third name change your energy combination? This shift may be small or can make us become a different person.

How many women feel and behave differently after getting married and taking the name of the husband? We justify this with stabilization or the influence of marriage, but here too the energy system can change radically; positively or negatively for the person.


Please note – it is very important –

That’s not you. This is not your potential. This is not your truth.

This is your aspect in the context of the energy body, which is in the red. Your reactions and well-being in this state are similar to any other person whose energy body is in the same place.

Your potential is covered under the above-described energy system.


Can it be changed?



This is exactly what it is about harmonizing your numerological portrait.

In this way, we change the energy system that leads your energy body so that it enters a plus scale and is fully coherent and supporting your truth and your potential.

It is worth adding that even if the energies that you have are difficult, they are never accidental and always serve the development of specific features such as compassion, patience, empathy, which will support you on your journey!


My job is not actually a job – it is a mission and the gift of being with you and for you.


Thank you with all my heart for being here





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