rachunek wrzechswiata jest rowny

The universe keeps always balance

by | Jul 18, 2020 | Numerology, Spiritual life

Do you know why believing in the perfect synchronism of the universe makes life much easier? Because you get rid of the feeling of injustice and lack.

I am in love with the fact of how this balance can be expressed in numbers.

In the part of my work that is based on numerology through numbers and their sums hidden in the letters of names, I see the energies and codes saved by our soul. Numerology is based on numbers 1 to 9 because 1 + 9 is again 1.

Did you know that in Aramaic (the Hebrew language is based on the same alphabet) the sum of words representing the metaphysical and material world is 91?

The word “amen” has the same value. In contrast, the word love represents 1.

The combination of the spiritual and material sphere also happens through love, connecting two in one. Love of self and neighbor, the energy of giving and receiving, everything flows into one.

So where does the sense of injustice come from in us?

The source is our perspective – it is like the number 1 me and myself.

The perspective of the universe is higher, wider, larger.

The number it represents is also 1 but as the sum of 9 + 1 (i.e. me for others and I for myself).

Let’s translate it into life.

When in a relationship you have a feeling of imbalance, being used, because you give, for example, 80% of yourself to another person – this lack results from the fact that you expect exactly 80% in return. Only that 80 plus 80 is 160 and somehow doesn’t reflect the perfect synchronicity expressed in the number 1.

The universe looks down on it, you give 80 then you attract the person who takes 80 and gives 20, 80 + 20 = 100% = 1. Now it fits doesn’t it?

It’s like in puzzles one block has a tummy and the other a hole, otherwise, it won’t click.

This perspective also goes much further than here and now and this life. In my case, a certain person owed me a larger sum of money. At the moment when I accepted this fact as a blessing, with the understanding and trust that either the bills were settled (because I was in debt in another life) or I just received a credit/bonus forward (both ways are positive news) you know what happened? I received the same amount of money from another source, unexpectedly, without work and contribution. Please understand me well, I do not urge you not to ask for yours, I mean more about the trust and energy with which I do something. Is it trust and a sense of equality or is it an act of resentment, offense, and lack?

In the end, I will only add that even though the alignment is 1: 1, but it is not always the same form. Perhaps your commitment and financial help will be balanced by the energy of health and vitality. Whatever happens and when the universe is never wrong. Trust this perfect synchronicity.


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