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Kabalistic Astrology – month of cancer

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Spiritual life

What is cabalistic astrology?
Contrary to conventional astrology saying that everything we do has been written in Heaven, cabalistic analysis of planets and star systems proves that each of us is born exactly at the moment that suits our specific [needs so that we can use our free will. Kabbalah teaches that we have many alternatives to our future and thanks to cabalistic wisdom we can control the ship of our lives.

The cabalistic calendar is different than the Gregorian hence the zodiac sign we were born in is different. There is also a so-called Tikkun – a lesson that our soul takes over from previous lives in order to further develop and explore perspective.
For example my date of birth is 21.10.1982 am Libra (Gregorian calendar), Scorpion (cabalistic calendar) and my Tikkun lesson is Cancer.
This topic will be added to individual consultations based on numerology tools.

On the other hand, the cabalistic calendar also determines the energy of a given month – what it can be used and good for.
I’m going to share this knowledge with you

21.06-23.07. is time in cancer energy

Time of healing, physical and spiritual level. According to the Kabbalah, the antidote and the cure appear before the disease occurs. This month is such an antidote bringing us healing energy. This is the perfect time to direct our focuse inside us and healing process – any sphere it concerns – body, soul, business.

What is recommendet?
Purification of the body, internal work, all activities that raise awareness and energy levels – such as: meditation, individual, group sessions. Your actions should be filled with tolerance and caring for others – this is how the energy of healing flows further

Do you feel such energy?
I am very curious about your opinion and if such a topic is interesting to you.


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