I have been working on myself so hard, why can’t I see the results?

I have been working on myself so hard, why can’t I see the results?

by | May 27, 2020 | Numerology, Self-discovery, Spiritual life

It is so in our world that each of us is focused on the quick achievement of goals and immediate effects.

It doesn’t matter if it concerns business or fitness or awareness-raising.

Time is perceived here as our opponent, but are you sure it is the right perspective?

Why is it like that?

From quantum physics, the higher the frequency, the shorter the wave, and vice versa.

What does it mean?

Do you remember when in childhood there was a craze for a plastic spring that was a swing from hand to hand?

Imagine that a high frequency is a spring in its natural state and a low frequency is represented by spring stretched by two people standing at a certain distance from each other and holding its ends.

High frequency here corresponds to positive energy, positive emotions, i.e. our work with awareness, here we are at the energy level.

Low frequency is all the negative emotions and blockades that we are cleaning, here we are at the physical level of matter.

Do you now understand that the change in energy level – e.g. when we introduce a new numerological combination already happened (short spring), but in the form of visible effects in everyday life, health, well-being needs a little longer (extended spring)?

Is time our opponent?

It all depends on the perspective. The wisdom of Kabbalah sees time as an expression of mercy. How? Imagine that there is no time-space between work and its effect, you are doing something and you already have results at the same moment. Cool. Only that in such a system, this philosophy also works the other way around. You don’t do something and the consequence appears right away, or you make a mistake and at the same time punishment comes. Because “we have time” we also have a chance to improve, a chance to fix, transform and understand. There is mercy hidden in it – please appreciate it.


In my life I have recently had wonderful moments of discovering the next layers of my existence, the proverbial cleaning of deeply hidden corners of the soul. At the same time in my apartment I had the impression that dust covers everything. I cleaned twice a week and still had the feeling that I had no air to breathe (here was the stage of the extended spring). Despite this feeling, I still delayed cleaning the windows and washing the curtains. Today, I felt a surge of strength, I cleaned the whole apartment, washed the windows, washed the curtains, reached hidden places where it turned out to be dusty for a long time. While cleaning this space, I laughed, because I knew that windows symbolize the eyes of my soul, seeing more by releasing prejudices, sediments, programs. This hidden dusty nook behind the wardrobe is like a part of ourselves, where we do not want to look or when to stay at the surface where everything is already beautiful and clean. The next process of my transformation has been completed and the world of matter has confirmed it today.

At some point in our work, my clients often start cleaning the wardrobe, basement, and attic. Sometimes they have a short cold, cough, etc. I always welcome this news with a huge smile. Because I know that it has already happened inside them and now the world of matter only reflects this cleaning process. From this place, only one thing can enter: new.

Have trust, your results are waiting around the corner.


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