How to attract happiness in your life?

How to attract happiness in your life?

by | Aug 16, 2019 | Life journey, Numerology, Self-discovery

 There is a lot of talk about the law of attraction, where you receive WHAT you carry inside, according to your level of vibration.

Of course, this “what” we are talking about here occurs in two ways;

  1. What is conscious – emotions, feelings, the state we are in, e.g. you get up with your left foot, you are in a weak mood, nervous, sad, etc. You know that you are like that at a given moment. It is simple for you to see the correlation when you enter the office gloomily, and the lady at the reception rolls her eyes at you. It’s also easier to take control and release these emotions.
    Meditation is a toll I highly recommend at this place, in order to connect with your truth, check why you are in bad mood and fulfill yourself with the right energy rising your frequency at the same time.
  2. The unconscious – that is, everything that is pushed by the mind to the subconscious, what is inherited from the ancestors, karmic themes. To this bag falls what we like to call bad luck, misfortune, accident, destiny. Why? Because your subconscious has power over your conscious part. It means that you may say one thing but attract the opposite.
    Can you recognize any pattern repeated in your life? Where you are not able to explain why it happened again? For example, you always engage with a man who cheats on you, you always have conflict situations with a supervisor at work, etc. Here, to heal, it is necessary to understand the cause-effect relationship that occurs, to pronounce what is hidden. By this you can broaden your perspective, understanding the lesson behind and reason why some people behaved certain way. You will no longer be a victim, just a person learning out of an experience. Automatically you don’t longer feel anger, sadness or guilt, emotions that are pulling you down. You are strong, confident, happy, and in control of your life so attracting lucky situations by default.
    However, it’s not easy to get into your subconscious and you may look for some tools opening this door for you. I work with the psychonumerology in combination with the SRT method, where analytical data and facts merge with the metaphysical world.

That’s all from theory. My short observation from life. Some time ago I was in New York. A wonderful city. I was amazed. Climatic conditions were not easy. Temperatures reached 42 Celsius degrees and humidity was at 70%. The city was crowded, full of tourists. What surprised me was that everyone was nice, smiling and being kind. Businessmen running in Wall Street radiated calmness and joy. You could feel dynamics, life, but not stress and rush. People came up and asked if I needed help when I stood with a map on the street. I was given a front place in queues etc. One evening I was talking to an American about the history of the USA, about where I was and what I would like to see. I was very surprised when he said that New York is the most hostile city in the country. I couldn’t share this opinion. In the following days Achat Beafemic (Ponstel) en Ligne sans Ordonnance , I also observed my partner on the journey. His nature is fire, he ignites quickly and the level of patience, especially towards everyone and everything acting slowly, is zero. I think most of the numerology 5 is founding themselves in this description. Even if he did not admit for himself he was anxious inside due to some upcoming events in his life. Remember fear and guilt are one of the lowest vibrations. If you carry this emotion inside you can’t attract positive and easy-going life. That’s why my friend’s way was not equal to mine. Someone was often blocking his road, or stepping on his foot or poking him. People around him were rushing being more in stress.

The same day, the same city, the same way, and two different experiences. I do not wear pink glasses and I see reality as it is, except that it is just kind to me. The more we fill ourselves with acceptance, tolerance and positive emotions, the more all of this is present in our lives. I am not talking about artificial and forced pushing for something. I mean conscious work on yourself and your inner part. While writing this text I am sick, I got a sore throat virus. It hurts so much, it’s uncomfortable, I would prefer something else. However, I do not go into this condition, I do not enter a painful body. I am not a disease, and virus, as it came, it will pass. I am looking at the positive aspect of cleaning the throat chakra. Instead of recording a video, I am writing a blog post. Netflix will make my evening more pleasant. There is a place for positive feelings in everything.

You don’t always control what happens to you and what comes on your way, but you always have an influence on your reaction and how you respond to this.




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