jak kabała pomaga mi w życiu codziennym

How does Kabbalah help me in my daily life?

by | Jul 2, 2020 | Life journey, Spiritual life

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. 
Carl Jung


When I’m angry with someone or feeling hurt. When I find myself judging someone and their actions, I use simple Kabbalah tools that can change your whole life.

The problem itself is never a problem. What creates the problem is our attitude and our emotions towards the situation.

You’ve probably heard many times that to solve a problem we must go higher than the consciousness that generated it. What’s this all about? In fact http://fbs-soft.de/fr-lng/acido-valproico/index.html , the emotions that guide us at the moment. From the level of anger or dissatisfaction, you will not solve anything and most likely you will create more mess. What if all of this applies to a particular person?

How to deal with a feeling of provocation or regret?

Here are a few Kabbalah tools that are very apparent, but they will change a lot:

  1. Why is this in my movie?
    Imagine your inner self (what you think and feel) is a projector. What we call life is the screen on which your projector displays your movie. If you don’t like what you see, does it make sense to discuss it with the screen? Or maybe it is worth looking into yourself from where this projection goes?
  2. What do you want to teach me?
    Staying with the movie comparison, each person plays a role for us according to the script that we wrote ourselves.Are you arguing with the actor and blaming him for playing his role? Or maybe you ask yourself, why did you create such a role? Since you are the author of this script, it means that these thoughts and feelings are within you. The actor plays them only for you. Open yourself to this and answer what is your lesson here, will find you.
  3. Pause- what a pleasure.
    Every time I resist my reactive nature, every time I take 3 deep breaths and see everything that happens around me as a film for which I am responsible, I record another episode called “happiness”.


Don’t believe my words – verify it, try it and let me know.


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