jak zaufać życiu?

Believe it and you will see it – how to trust life?

by | Jun 14, 2020 | Life journey, Self-discovery, Spiritual life

It is human nature to pre-judge a person or situation at first sight. Our minds love to give labels as good or not good. However, we might think that what we see is the absolute truth- but in fact, it is a result of what we believe it’s true.

What you think, what you feel and what you do creates your reality.

How about forgetting all the judgment and entering into a situation with trust it’s for the best? How to do it? Here are a few steps

  1. positive mindset – obstacles are making me grow and our mind is learning by mistakes- so, is it a mistake or a lesson?
  2. when you trust in good – good things will happen
  3. you are not alone – universe always holds your back
  4. your heart will guide you – listen to your intuition
  5. fear is normal – it is an indicator we are leaving a comfort zone. The bigger the fear the better the bonus.
  6. to let new enter you have to create a space, let go of experience and emotions – new is always coming as unknown.
  7. don’t judge a movie after seeing a trailer – use a big picture perspective.

And …my favorite – whenever you feel your reactive part takes over you (fear, anger, doubt) – PAUSE, take a 3 deep breathes and asked yourself “what would love do?”.


Based on teachings from Zohar (Kabbalah)

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