why we should not be afraid of karma

Why we should not be afraid of karma; how do you turn the energy of “punishment” into real gifts?

by | May 14, 2020 | Life journey, Numerology, Self-discovery, Spiritual life

Often, before starting a numerological analysis, my clients are afraid of what I may tell them as if it were a kind of waiting for a verdict. However, I always smile and explain that conversation with me is always positive.

Energy is like plasticine, neutral, it just is, it depends on us how we form it. In this case, it makes sense to mold it consciously and what could frighten us is our lack of awareness and information about ourselves.

For example; karma of respect for money and work does not mean that we cannot be rich or have a satisfying professional life. On the contrary, it is an energy that helps us build stable material foundations, and at the same time teaches humbleness and respect. Here, nothing happens quickly, the shortcut does not work, any manipulation, fraud will be paid back twice. Why? Because your soul prevents you from wasting your life again. Incarnations are stored in the cellular memory of your body, where everything was given to you – titles, money, fame. All came easily to you, and you wasted all these chances.

The right question to ask is if the fact that you have to earn your success this time should be considered as bad karma or gift of mercy?

Another example: the combination of energy that you carry in yourself, i.e. in the heart (how you feel yourself), on communication (how the outside world sees you) and on the goal (what your subconscious strives for) makes that your attention is focused on others. The constant need to sacrifice and help others in your daily life, and being underestimated, exploited, the strong archetype of sacrifice is part of your story. At first, it looks like a punishment, but when we examine all the elements more closely, we can see that the karma of power flows in the family. Your ancestors were ambitious, brave, they gained high positions. Unfortunately, they quickly forgot about the idea and used it for their purposes. Through the collection of soft energies, you know what it’s like to be on the other side of the barricade, how an abused person feels. Now, confidently and with a pure heart, you can reach for your power and do something great – for yourself and the world. Once again, what seemed to be a punishment and injustice of fate turned out to be a gift.

I could describe many more similar examples. My advice is simple – trust.

Life always wants best for you, the only thing that bothers you is your lack of understanding of your history and soul plan.

When you know better you choose better is not just a slogan.

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