who is your guru

Who is your GURU?

by | May 7, 2019 | Numerology, Self-discovery

I have been asked this question a few times recently, and I felt its worth to share my thoughts around this topic. Many people are inspiring me, widening my perspective or even flipping it upside down from time to time. I have my daily dose of motivation listening podcasts, Facebook videos, reading selected books. I truly believe that great thoughts should be shared and spread all over the world to encourage our growth. Mindfulness, presence, living with the flow, there is nothing new here, but it can be said and explained thousands of times and anyway ever morning we need to remind ourselves a new that the only destiny that counts is here and now.

In my life, many teachers are sharing their knowledge and experience with me. Every person that I met on my way has influenced me, has touched my heart and has taught me something. Nevertheless, there is only one guru in my life and It is the silent place inside me. So, whenever I am not sure or I look for guidance I stay quiet for a couple of breath and wait. Sometimes the answer is coming as a feeling, sometimes it’s a whisper another day it’s both at the same time. It’s not about to define the form of this communication, what is important is to give it space. This is valid for everything, starting with small hesitation moments, through friend’s advice into knowledge coming from respected spiritual teachers or science. All of this is coming inside me and is going by my filter. Be careful not to confuse this with your mind and your ego telling you to know better. Talking about the silent place inside me I see my heart being my compass showing me the direction and my soul whispering to me. 


If this description tells you nothing. How about your voice of intuition? Or go with your gut feeling? Many ways leading to the same place! 

I know that sometimes it’s not easy. That we feel disconnected from ourselves or scared and running away. I understand. I was there in the past. I remember when I felt like walking around a high wall. Standing in the shadow. I knew that on the other side there is a beautiful garden full of sun and joy. However, I was unable to find a door to enter, instead, I was making cycles. Working with psychonumerology allowed me to discover my map of life. It helped me to remove the wall and enter the garden inside me. My own place of power, joy, and love. The main source of energy and all the wisdom is coming from inside and not outside. I am here for you, to share, to inspire, to exchange. I am not going to be your teacher or guide, because your own guru can only be one- you!


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