When good turns to be not good enough

When good turns to be not good enough

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Life journey, Numerology

We are living in a world where everybody is chasing something and everyone is rushing somewhere…

I remember moments when I felt like a hamster in the cycle, running fast but not getting anywhere. You see, the borderline between “the good” and “not good enough” is very thin. If we don’t stay awake, consciously remembering that the only moment where we should be is here and now. If we don’t bring ourselves back to our bodies instead to be drifting away with millions of thoughts, plans, desires. If we don’t use our mind but let our mind uses us, we will pass the line. From there we continue to chase new targets, but reaching them is not making us satisfied. Let me give you an example. You want to have more money on your account so you work longer. You desire a new bag, another watch or a bigger flat. Your bills are increasing following your needs, so you need to work more. On top according to social media, you could be skinnier, more pretty or younger. You are continually chasing a “new rabbit”. At the same time, you are disconnecting yourself from your heart, from your soul, from your body. Due to the amount of work you have no time for rest or for beloved ones. You are starting to feel unhappy and the gap inside you is becoming bigger and bigger. However, you are fulfilling it with the wrong fuel. As instead to listen to the voice inside you, you take a new project or buy a new object. You project yourself happy in the future missing here and now which is the only time where you can be happy in fact or influence your happiness.

This is the moment to recall the image of the hamster. Where good turns to be not good enough. Where your need for perfections is taking away all the joy and sense of life.

I was there, I traveled around the world, I was buying luxury goods, I was having what current world consider for “everything” …and I was unhappy. I was unsatisfied with my look chasing top model pictures but did not talk with my body to understand what it needs. My work stopped to inspire me but in all this race I was lacking time to discover my heart path. Instead, I practice a lot of sport and a lot of shopping. The more I was owning the deeper was the emptiness and sadness in me. Getting sick was my lesson which forced me to stop and rework my attitude. Thanks to work with psychonumerology, I understood that perfect is the enemy of good. As all that you have right now and all who you are is perfect in its imperfection.

Allow yourself to be in the moment. Enjoying simple things in life and see them as a miracle. “When the river of expectations dries you will seat in front of the ocean of happiness” …


If you struggle to get there …write me …


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