We need courage in order to create new world, are you in?

We need courage in order to create new world, are you in?

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Life journey, Self-discovery

Did you know that the human mind learns only through mistakes and surprises?

Interesting, because these are probably the most frequently avoided options. Nobody likes to make mistakes and when life surprises us. So we want changes, but we don’t want to change anything.

To open up to new possibilities we need to see our mistakes as valuable lessons and learn to smile when the wind changes the course of our ship. We need courage and trust.

Look at yourself as a grain that is carried by the wind. Grain doesn’t know where it lands, whether it be fertile soil or rock. In confidence, without knowing its nature, grain  must shed the shell. Dare to check what comes next, because being a grain, you dont know you can become a flower. Look at nature, how many flowers grow without logic on the rocks or the desert? Who said it’s impossible?

Dare to. Mistakes, surprises are really valuable lessons.

The problem is that as long as you stay in the shell you can’t flourish.


Photo by Boris Smokrovic


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