The pressure of passion

by | Apr 29, 2019 | Life journey

“Life is nothing without a passion…”

“Working with passion keeps you fresh and energetic.”

“Be passionate.”


How many times have you read or heard this type of quote?

What do they really mean and stand for?

I want to be honest with you. In the past, while working in marketing I was overusing this word by myself. However, going deeper there is a lot of pressure behind the passion. Am I passionate enough? Can I perform at work if my job is not my passion?

And what if I don’t have passion? If I haven’t discovered it yet? Is my life meaningless without It?

Can you feel the nonsense of turning your life into a race, which goal is to find this one particular thing?

Let me share here my story. Currently, I do have passion. Being here with You, writing this blog, working with psychonumerology, building my own business, all of this is making me happy.

I am not going to deny that it’s a very important part of my life. On the other side, I do remember times, where I was not having any particular object of interest. Where I allowed myself simply to try things and discover. Sometimes none of the above was applicable, and by doing “nothing” I created space for new to arrive. Whatever was the path I walked, with or without passion, my life had its meaning. So, if you feel sad, worry or incomplete by not having any passion, please see your life as a journey, and if there needs to be any destination, let it be self-discovery. Take this pressure off your shoulders. Take the word passion out of the table and replace it with curiosity. With this small change suddenly, all that it is about is to uncover yourself and stay curious.

Don’t misunderstand me, that’s great if you have your passion. However, what I am trying to share here with you is a simple message: don’t be stressed and focused to have one, as every path is leading somewhere. Discover and see what’s behind the next corner. With or without this one particular thing you can let curiosity of life to be your passion.


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