The ego eclipse in the business world

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Business life, Spiritual life

A short reflection about tonight’s solar eclipse.
In spiritual approach the Sun represents ego. For numerology, it stands for self-awareness, strong mind, number one, the king…

In the business world, almost every leader has a big ego and self-confidence. To get to the top, to do brave things you need to have a set of specific qualities.
That’s why from a psychological point of view psychopath and a leader may share things in common. With a difference that the first one motivation is to destroy and hurt people while the other desires to create and inspire.

A solar eclipse is a moment where it’s not us being blinded by the ego but where our ego gets blind.
How to use it in business?
1. If you are a leader, take a moment to look if the throne you are seating on hasn’t got too high. You can’t be a “good king” if you are too far from your people. They don’t need another great speech. They want you to try to understand and share their feelings. Don’t ask for feedback in order to launch a conversation where your goal is to prove you are right. Learn to listen. If you are a good “king” you don’t build “another castle”. You make your dinner table longer.
2. If you are an employee, try to feel empathy toward your leader. To be in his/her shoes for a few minutes and feel the amount of pressure and insecurities they need to handle every day. Maybe next time before criticizing them you may rethink if this perspective has value.
It’s easy to claim things are not working without a proposal for an improvement. Instead, try to be brave to go to the arena and share your view. In order to change anything – be the change!

In this moment of “darkness” try to stay pipeline blind for a second. Don’t look at numbers or positions, see people instead.
Each enterprise story begins with few of them sharing a dream, and a purpose…
No matter at which side you are standing currently, there is a bridge.
Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.


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