Surrendering as new begin

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Life journey, Spiritual life

A not long time ago I associated word surrendering with the end of life, with giving up on a fight, on actions and just waiting till your boat rich the last harbor. However, what it really stands for is a new begin. When we start to surrender we stop create resistance. You are still captain of your boat, but you accept that some waves and streams may drive in other directions, and when it is a case you don’t steer against this force. You are sailing towards them with trust that this is the best way for you. And yes, best doesn’t mean easy going or painless. It is evolving, making you stronger, wiser and an open-hearted person. You are giving up on trying to understand and control everything and becoming comfortable with not knowing. I don’t have anything against making plans, and there are platy of things that should be coordinated and organized. However, if you are too strong focusing on planning what you would like your life to be instead of allowing life to show you its best you may get disappointed. Your plans may be in the way of your heart path and what the universe has prepared for you. When Christoph Columbus organized his expedition, his motivation was not to discover America, he just wanted to find a shorter way to transport goods from so-called “orient”. Changing the course was not an obstacle but his greatest opportunity at the end. So where ever you are right now, try to see your challenges as points of lifting up. The right questions that can navigate you are;

  1. What is the gift behind the lesson?
  2. What do I receive out of it?

Asking and listening is a key to perspective switch. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, you appreciate what is good and working for you.

To surrender is not equal to stop being active. It is taking a lead from any point of your life with trust that this path is going somewhere, and this somewhere will be your own “America discovery”.


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