Run your own race

by | May 18, 2019 | Life journey, Self-discovery

Recently I decided to go for a run choosing one of my favorite tours from the past. I had a few years of a break due to some health problems. I was recovering and discovering my spiritual path, healing my body, connecting it with my soul and heart. Before getting sick I was running 5-6 times per week at a good speed, uphill, 10-12km. So here I am, back on the same track. However, my condition and speed were not the same. I was running slowly, listening to the needs of my body and respecting its way. I noticed that few thoughts crossed my mind like; “you were better before”, “you would have passed this tour faster”. Instead, to run my own race I started to compare myself with an old version of me. I observed and wondered. How often in life we look on others and comparing instead following our own path? Do we understand that each of them is unique and different? The key message here is to run your own race and stop to compare. Different is neither better or worse, it’s simply different.

I was still enjoying my run. Actually, even more than before, as with much more appreciation. I know how it feels when your body shuts down every source of power and you can’t do anything. Being in the moment, doing sport surrounded by nature is a blessing. What was obvious in the past, became a gift. This perspective shift was only possible thanks to my sickness. What I considered to be a dark period of my life, in fact, illuminated me with light and wisdom. These things did not happen TO ME, they happened FOR ME. This is the true way to acceptance. With this approach, you will be able to stop to compare. To start to look at yourself with an appreciation of any moments. Maybe a place where you are now is not the one you wished to be. However, this might be the right way towards your true dreams. If your speed is not as fast as you expected, be thankful that you move at all. And if you can’t move today it’s fine too. Whatever you do, wherever you are – this is your path. There is no value in comparing it to others or the old version of yourself. The best to do is to run your own race. Run towards your dreams and your destiny and let the universe to handle the details.


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