Out of the ZEN button

Out of the ZEN button

by | Apr 28, 2019 | Numerology, Self-discovery

Working on your consciousness is like going to a gym.

It takes time to develop your spiritual muscle. Logically you are starting by picking up light weights until you build your strength. Finally coming to the point where you feel that nothing can interrupt your relaxed state of mind. This daily meditation pays off and you are ready to lift the heaviest barbell. Then your best trainer arrives. By this word, I mean every person that knows exactly which button to push to bring you out from your ZEN immediately. It might be a close person like a parent or spouse. Suddenly all your awareness and knowledge seem to be gone and you are emotion-driven, getting into an argument. Why so?

Let me share my view on this.

Awaking in life is a process, we are not here to be perfect, we are here to learn. Understanding which role, we play towards each other and what others behavior is saying about us will bring light into the dark. Let me give you an example. In the past, I was facing a situation in which one of my friends was not honest with me. It was making me angry, feeling disrespected and disappointed. I was not able to understand why he prefers to lie instead to open himself towards me. Especially knowing that honesty plays a key role for me. The turning point came thanks to my work with numerology and SRT Therapy. I realized how much I hold on to values like honesty and justice. In my subconscious, I despised any kind of lie and I was playing judge role focusing on detecting mistakes and punishment. I understood that my friend was led by a program of fear. It pushed him to lie in difficult situations and made him feel ashamed afterward. My strong energy of rejection was making him scared and blocking his openness. He was here to teach me how to approach this topic with compassion. To act from the heart level. Thanks to this experience I am able to help others with no judgment. On the other side, my role was to guide him to recognize that truth brings lightness and freedom into our lives. This knowledge allowed us to exit this scenario and leverage our relationships and ourselves into the next level.

By all this, I am not saying we should accept things that are against our values. However, before rejecting or judging anything, it’s worth to catch the real lesson behind.

Like in sport it takes time to build strength so in life it requires regular exercise to develop your spiritual muscle. Every person that is pushing your “out of the ZEN” button is your trainer. From a soul perspective, your biggest opponent is your greatest teacher.


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