Numerologiczna 5

Numerological number 5

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Life Path Numbers, Numerology

Planet Mercury

Symbol -Roller-coaster

Animal – Monkey


  • flexibility
  • openness to changes
  • quick solutions
  • excellent seller
  • businessmen
  • fast regeneration capability
  • traveler archetype
  • appetite for life
  • curiosity and openness for experience
  • intuition


  • manipulations and lies
  • superficial
  • unstable self-esteem
  • intolerance
  • nervousness
  • lack of patience
  • tendency to addiction
  • no self-discipline

Lesson: understand what true freedom is (freedom in a group, in a relationship, in commitments) I am free because freedom is in me.

Health: neurosis, heartburn, thyroid.


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