numerologiczna 3

Numerological number 3

by | Sep 25, 2020 | Life Path Numbers, Numerology

Planet – Uranus

Symbol – Artist

Animal – Grasshopper


  • imagination
  • artistic skills
  • creativity
  • optimism
  • archetype of the inner child
  • can sense the needs of other people
  • maneuverability and quick adaptation
  • sense of aesthetics
  • can perform all world professions
  • sense of humor


  • daydreaming / coloring situations
  • lack of maturity
  • sliding on the surface / Peter Pan
  • laziness
  • tendency to stimulants / addictions
  • lack of self-awareness
  • talkativeness
  • being influenced by others/by trends

Lesson: build relationship with yourself first instead to surround yourself with people and escaping the moments of being a lone. Instead of playing different roles and waiting for applause, discover who you really are and build  your success and teach others to see the colors of this world.

Health: metabolism, reproductive organs.


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