Numerologiczna 22/4

Numerological 22/4

by | Oct 2, 2020 | Life Path Numbers, Master numbers, Numerology


  • outstanding talent in work with energy
  • intuition
  • work with foreign currency
  • building and managing a large team of people
  • cost saving
  • sensitivite
  • building a project from A to Z
  • good manners
  • faithfulness
  • loyalty


  • lack of self-confidence (blocking the master potential)
  • excessive modesty and shame (I will not reveal the potential to people)
  • excessive attachment to rules and regulations
  • lack of spontaneity
  • daydreaming
  • miserliness
  • hypersensitivity to words
  • excessive practicality

Lesson: according to Kabbalah, such a person has a huge gift of doing business in foreign currency, with international contacts. In order for talent to become active, you must travel abroad and break the bonds of family obligations and promises. By managing large amounts of money, I teach others how conscious thought creates material reality.

Health: heart, joints, spine and or allergies + weakened all double organs


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