numerologiczna 2

Numerological 2

by | Sep 20, 2020 | Life Path Numbers, Numerology

Planet– moon

Symbol – Diplomat

Animal – Dog


  • communication
  • diplomacy
  • creating teams / groups, working in a group
  • empathy
  • well-thought-out, balanced decisions
  • likes to learn and read
  • a friend to the grave board
  • delicacy
  • modesty
  • intuition


  • timidity
  • withdrawal
  • endless hesitation
  • shyness
  • self-sacrifice
  • daydreaming
  • poor decision-making
  • follower


Lesson: life can be lived only by experience and not in theories that are never implemented. loyalty in relationships has its limits, I feel and understand the other person, but I care about myself.

Health: allergies + weakened all double organs


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