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by | Nov 5, 2019 | Life journey, Numerology, Self-discovery, Spiritual life

Recently I was invited to my friend’s house. Meeting new people and chatting about life I noticed a common topic. Probably because quite often we tend to start a conversation with “what do you do for living?” question.

When I talked about numerology, about working on broadening consciousness and the mission of helping both an individual and in a business environment, a space of longing opened up in each of my listeners. They told me about their own dreams. Sometimes it was related to same work, but on their own terms, at other time it was about the design of shoes, sewing dresses, creating a virtual platform connecting people together, moving to another country, etc.

My story of leaving corporate environment and following my heart trigger their own longing.

Interestingly, the stage of the first search was already behind them. They really talked loudly and clearly about their own desires and it flowed from the heart. They had the “start” point marked on the dream map, sometimes also a partial implementation plan or identification of the conditions necessary to start the activity. I would add that these conditions were not difficult or impossible to fulfill, rather very mundane, such as passing the last two exams in college, or collecting savings on bank account.

Just as the spark lit in their eyes when they talked about what their heart would do, they quenched their desires just as quickly, saying that not yet, that it makes no sense, later …

I absolutely don’t judge it. I wasn’t ready for a long time either.

At one point I felt strong energy currents passing through my body, waves and vibrations of fear that had accumulated in the air, and a headache from excessive thoughts …

I would just like to convey that you are not alone in what you feel, what you want. Each of us feels anxiety and uncertainty, but we build trust in our hearts, not in our heads.

Life cannot be lived in theory, it is worth experiencing and risking, because only in this sphere our wings can grow …

If you forever delay your dreams and plans for tomorrow, you agree to live in longing and dullness, when life is like a coloring book. You don’t always choose the theme, but you always have crayons and the power to color everything.

Instead of being stuck in gray, start coloring today …


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